Sad isn’t it, when the only excitement one can conjure up is a new Tumble Dryer.  My faithful old Bosch made Tumble Dryer decided to “stop/start/stop/start”  on me, it became annoying going back and forth trying to get this machine to work.  Even though I had it insured it was rather old and I just felt once fixed it would go wrong again, as it had been repaired twice before.  I had the machine for quite a few years, so I really can’t complain too much about it.

So Out with the Old and In with the New, not such a large drum this time, and not so expensive.  My Son brought the new machine for me, a “Beko”, first Black machine I have had.  It arrived and the delivery chaps unpacked it and plugged it in for me.  It was all so shiny and smart, and really looks good, I am so pleased with it, especially as it works like a treat.

So imagine my surprise, or not, but definitely holding back my temper and tears, when this morning putting items in the drum, I noticed the top of the machine and there they were, what you may ask SCRATCHES but not just any old scratches, these were done with finger nails.  Now no way did it come from me, because of health probs my nails are all short.  I know where the scratches came from they were done very early this morning I’m talking 5-5.30 and the vicious b…h that done them, my so called sister who lives in my house, regrettably (long story), and she has what I call Tallens, the nails are so long she doesn’t do any cleaning, she never has, the nails come first – they always have they always will.

This is not the first time she has done such a thing and I doubt it will be the last, and why does she do it well to start a Row, and I won’t give her the pleasure – I don’t talk to her.  The House is rather large she has her own rooms, I totally ignore her.   Terrible way to live, thanks  to my late Husband and his ignoring my advice and that of our Solicitor.  I have paintings, one that was made especially for me, a Christmas gift some years ago from my Sons.  She tore her nails right across the lower half of the painting, my Sons advised me “say nothing, do nothing” I did precisely that, but everytime I look at it breaks my heart.  The painting holds special happy memories of holidays with my Sons in Ireland.

I know its a tumble dryer and perhaps I should not be upset but I am, its my property, her hate her spite.  She is a worry, she’s been violent before, I am deaf on one side because of her fists, I don’t trust her in any way.  She stole my inheritance from my Father, its not the money its the fact  my Father worked hard all his life and what he had to leave was to be split between the two of us, she stole the lot.

I wish it had not been my old tumble dryer that was taken away, I wish it had been her.  Well thats my moan for a Friday.





  1. No, it’s not about the dryer. It’s about the constant hate and tension in the house. Can you not have her declared incompetent somehow and have her removed to a facility somewhere before she becomes really dangerous to you, Anna? Why just ignore those things. Keep track of what she’s doing so later on you may have information that would help to remove her. But do stay away from her, dear heart. I believe she absolutely means you harm. (Even as I read your post yesterday we were sitting here waiting for a fridge repairman to come. The relay switch went out on our compressor in both the fridge and freezer. We lost a whole freezer full of meat. I had just bought groceries for two weeks. Sigh… But thank God it could be fixed. That baby is 18 years old! She’s been wonderful. A new one would have landed us in $1500 somewhere.)

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    1. So sorry about your fridge and freezer, all that food it costs so much these days too Cheryl, apart from all the mess, $1500 thats about ther price here for one, the best well they go over that figure for sure. My Fridge and Freezer are not far off that age, we have the upright and then a small chest, which i’m trying to clear. Decided to do some weeding and pruning in the back garden yesterday afternoon, came in 8pm tired and in pain you know what that’s like, all I wanted was to tidy up, make a cup of tea and sit down. I had some of David’s bedding in the wash mach. Walked over to sink to fill kettle and NO, the damn wash machine had flooded that was all I needed, the Boys did help, mainly David. Mats soaked, lino dreadful, so fed up. Bank Holiday here so can’t do anything until Tuesday, had the plumber few weeks ago to put new pipe outside, I hope its nothing to do with that.

      It is totally hate, resentment, jealousy, and just one absolute vicious bitch. I don’t trust her, if I was here in the house with her alone at night I would lock my bedroom. She watches everything, listens to everything. The problem as you know is what my Husband did. I am happy to walk past her but she can’t resist calling me “bitch” as she passes me, all to draw me into an argument I won’t play with her. She controlled me all my life right up to my mother’s death. That’s what annoys her she can’t control me. Caught her though nicely all I wanted, will email you about that. As a child, young girl she stopped any friend I made, I could not even go out on a saturday morning to do my shopping but she would follow me. I sometimes think its a little like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in those two films they made “Baby Jane” remember! Without doubt, the three of us say that there is something very wrong with her, no one sneaks around their house as she does. I done some weeding and fixed a panel in the front garden this morning, I locked my bedroom door because if I’m in the garden she goes poking in my bedroom, I know where I leave things on my desk and straight away my eye catches things have been moved, so I lock my door now. Thank you for the good idea Cheryl, I’ll do that.

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    1. Thank you Opher. I do keep my distance from her, even if I on occasion pass her in the house I totally ignore her. She has her own rooms, feeds herself. Looking back on my childhood I see now it was not normal, she was not right, isolated me, stole everything from me. If asked was I happy in my life, no would be my answer. I never could break down that barrier between myself and the World outside, I have never been free from this b…h.


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