She sits there day after day

watching the door

waiting for the doorbell to go

or a knock on the door


No one comes

not the ones she expects that is

yet she still sits there

watching the front door


Her toys spread around her

at times she will bury her head

deep in the fluffy bears

hiding for periods of time


There she is quieter than she was

she is now frightened of people

not us, but strangers

so sad as she loved all people


On her walk one day

she barked just barked

two people screaming at her

in her face, her beautiful face


She gets scared of large sounds

now she is more than scared

she waits watching the front door

will those people come

she asks us in her own way

when her eyes are wet and she cries


There  she sits

by the door

waiting just waiting

for the doorbell







The Great Henry Mancini   –   “Loss Of Love”

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