Just as the sun was coming through the windows and our Wood White Butterfly flew into see us, you were standing behind me as I sat on the vanity chair smoothing the cream on my arms, you dripping wet from your shower “careful darling” I said “you never know who might be watching”, you answered “as long as its you I don’t care”  with your smile that still makes tingle all over.  If we were not having to go out how I would want us on our bed making love,  but we had dinner booked with Tim and Celia and we couldn’t let them down again.

As I started to cream my thighs you leaned over my right shoulder, “our friend has settled on our bedpost, do you think he is telling us something” you said pointing to our butterfly, “of course he is” I answered, “he, you said he now how do you knows its a he” you asked as you took the Aveeno from me started to smooth the lotion on to my thighs so gently working your way inwards, “its a he, they look for a mate you know” you looked up at me and put some cream on my nose then continued to smooth the cream further up my thighs, “as though I didn’t know you would do that” I said, you grinned as you answered me “do you want me to stop, I would rather go on but its up to you”, I laid my right hand on yours and together we smoothed the cream in “don’t stop, but what about Tim and Celia” I asked you, laughing and making me sigh you answered “well we will be late again, Tim will understand” with that you kissed me.  Your hands over my body your fingers soothing me, wanting you so much, every movement of your fingers, the feeling of ecstasy I didn’t want you to stop ever.

I looked in the mirror that sat on the dressing table, our Wood White on my jewel box, did he see your left arm around me, oh it felt so good, especially when you fondled my breasts.  I watched you from the mirror you naked your firm body, your chest hair I simply love to twist with you usually going “ouch every time”, I love your strong muscles, your smile, your grin simply you just you thats all I wanted.  I started to cry as you said “come,  lets go to bed I need you now and I know you need me”, I held you tight my eyes still closed, your lips kissing my body, your tongue making my bosoms heave  “yes I need you, so much I need you” I cried.  “shhh don’t cry I’ll always be here” you said so softly I opened my eyes and as glistened as they were I looked at the mirror and to our bed, but you weren’t there you were gone, and where was Wood White?

That same feeling, the same aroma in our bedroom, our gorgeous Wood White that insists on entering our bedroom from the open windows.  I felt your hands on my inner thighs, your fingers teasing me, I felt your body firmly pressed into mine, I know you will be back I just don’t know when, yet I know when our Wood White  comes again, so will you.






Blackbird Song  –  Spring Forest


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