Tomorrow Saturday May 19, is going to be very quiet in my house, except for the sound of the Birds in my garden, and maybe later on in the afternoon and evening I shall be playing my Rod McKuen music.  My eldest Son is working until 7pm tomorrow evening and my youngest son will be in bed, as he works from 6pm through to 7/8am the next morning.  So apart from my precious dog, Daisy, it will be just the two of us out in the garden doing the best we can to prune and weed and whatever other jobs I can do.

You see tomorrow I need or rather I have to avoid all televisions/radios and newspapers.  Why you may ask, well simply its “The Hillbilly Wedding” and “Hillbilly Buck House”.  I think by now most of you who are reading this will have guessed what I am talking about, yes that Wedding that all We British Taxpayers will have to fork out for, including all the costly security.

This whole sham “you couldn’t make it up” ridiculous wedding has now become stomach churning.  Sorry if this offends but I feel most strongly about all this.  I object vehemently to some American newspapers stating that the British are Racists.  There may well be racists in my Country, and if there are a lot, I wonder why  –  nothing to do with immigrants of course.  When a Country is called racist you assume its everyone in that Country, that is not always the case.   I read one American paper who had the audacity to compare this so called actress to Princess Grace of Monaco, I had to inform them that what they said was so wrong so insulting.  Princess Grace was not only so naturally beautiful, but a charming, gracious, kind Lady who was universally loved, and not only a credit to her adopted Country, but to America also.  That one from oakland its a joke to say such a thing. Never in a million years could that one be as Gracious as Princess Grace.  For me  I have never seen before or since such a stunningly beautiful, serene Bride, I can still see her in my mind on her Wedding Day, and I was only a little girl, but I thought she was wonderful.

People, it seems the majority are sick of this farce because;

1  The Taxpayers have to pay for this

2  This has nothing to do with this Woman from Oakland’s colour

3  This woman has been married and divorced what two times or is it three.

4  Its utter hypocrisy for them to be married by the Archbishop of Canterbury, she’s been DIVORCED MORE THAN ONCE

5  The papers/tv are nothing but this woman all the time, and as if that is not bad enough, we have to endure her “odd” to say the least family.

6.  How dare the British Press be blamed for her fathers so called “Heart Attack”, he was so bad that same day he went out for a mcdonalds, the next day he went out for Kentucky fried chicken.  Its claimed he has had to have three Stents put in because of the British Press and all they done.  Nearly 15 years ago I had stents put it, so what.

7  The British Press are now being blamed for her Sister’s car crash, these people are telling so many porkies.  The same sister that this so called actress has not seen or spoken to for ten years.  These people are trailer trash.

8  And finally;

This complaint of mine and all the other people here in the UK who do not like this woman, is not because of her colour.   Are the Royals totally blind and stupid as to what this has done to the Country, made us look like fools.  This woman is a gold digger and so blatant with it too, a picture of her taken yesterday where she looks so sly says it all, “I’ve caught him and this is all mine.”  This is not love, this is lust.  Harry saw her, wanted her, well why didn’t he do what his father and grandfather and all the other royals do and have always done, including the  woman, they take lovers but they don’t marry the ones who look so cheap.

Two or three years most people are saying this marriage will last, and she will take everything from that idiot she will clean him out and serve him right.  For when the next multi millionaire or billionaire comes along she will be off, she will now be in the position to meet these people.

The Queen complained continually about HRH Princess of Wales, Diana and in the end insisted they Divorce – never mind it was Charlie boy who couldn’t keep his zip done up, he was cheating on the beautiful innocent 19 year Diana prior to their marriage and continually afterwards with that old adulterous, that old heffer camilla.

If the Queen thought Diana was a problem its going to be nothing compared to this new one, the “Orders” can’t come down for any more “white cars in tunnels”.

I feel so sorry for America and I feel sorry for us, this whole business is One Big Embarrassment.  Of all the lovely decent, well brought up young American Ladies that harry could have married, he lusted after this one.  The papers are holding back on all the pictures she no doubt had harry onto the press about not publish, all those pics of her posing naked, and this is accepted by the Queen.  More shame on the Queen.

Americans should not think its the British being snobbish about her being an American, it has absolutely nothing to do with that, she looks what she is.  I have read many things from Americans “apologising for this one being from their Country”.

I apologise if any Americans are offended because we don’t like her, I don’t give a toss where she’s from, but I just hate such obvious gold diggers she is fooling no one, and what love affair she is having with the British Press, WATCH OUT, it won’t last long.  They already have the stories, just waiting to publish.  She better watch out for treacherous old bag camilla, she is poison and will cause so much trouble.

The Queen should have known better, if the  Queen Mother or Earl Mountbatten was still alive, this woman from oakland would not have got through the front door of Buckingham Palace.  Times change, so they say and they do, BUT not always for the better.  Unfortunately, a lot of foreigners are under the misconception that this so called actress will be “Princess”, she cannot be Princess even the Duchess of Cambridge does not have the title Princess.  This Royal Family have nothing to do with Henry VIII or prior to him, this Royal Family are German.  This Historical Line ended with The House of Stuart.  I am not a Royalist, I would love to see the end of the Royals, the Class system in my Country will never come to an end until then.

The Royals have shown themselves for what they are, this is all a fiasco, cheap nasty, trailer trash.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Daddy didn’t turn up to give her away at the last moment, hope he brings his McDonalds with him.

If you are one of those who will be watching this embarrassing crap, then do so.  I shall hopefully be having much more fun in my garden with Daisy and listening to all my wonderful garden Birds.

“America we are as embarrassed as you about tomorrow, at least you don’t have to pay for it all, or pay for the security of that woman for the rest of her life”.   Just imagine the Reception, she has turned down everything official that is always done at times like these, I expect she and harry will have the Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets on the table with fries  and diet cokes.    URGH.

Just heard this evening big daddy charlie boy future father-in-law is breaking all the rules and giving the oakland one away, what a complete fiasco.





The one and only Beach Boys.


  1. Gotta say, Anna, I’m kind of with you on this one. I think the reason he was attracted to her was exactly BECAUSE she was NOT a nice girl with good upbringing. She may be a very nice person for all I know, but her continued failure at relationships shows she has tons of baggage. Will he be able to cope? Who knows. Diana was such a lovely person, and they ate her up. Perhaps Megan will be better at their old game. I saw a picture this afternoon of the queen. She did NOT look like a happy camper. And what in the world was that bleached white potato sack that Megan was wearing for a wedding dress? It was just plain butt ugly. Nothing at all like Diana’s classy dress. For what it’s worth, I haven’t heard any of those things from the media over here. Maybe they’re just circulating around Britain?

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  2. Poor journalism if they compared Megan to Princess Grace. GK was everything you said and more. I personally think she was the most beautiful woman ever.
    I’m from Kentucky and to say she is a hillbilly is inaccurate. Way off base. We see her as an actress who got lucky as hell when a Prince showed interest in her. He’s a good looking man and what woman would say no to him. So we can’t blame her for falling for him. He is so likable that nobody I know would second guess who he wants. Maybe that shows how little we know..over here (USA).
    Since it’s done and his family is showing acceptance of her, we wish them good luck. In a perfect world, I feel our State Department should have paid for half of the wedding security.


    1. Chad, thank you for your most interesting reply. I apologise to you by using the word “hillybilly” I hope it did not cause any offence. I have to tell you that there are so many in this Country who do not like this woman one bit, I admit there are those you know the usual young girls and those that buy all the magazines etc that like her, but for others it is obvious what she is all about. The thought here in many quarters is that Harry faced his Grandmother with a done deal for the Queen to have opposed the marriage would have been hailed with cries of Racisim. The pet subject in this Country at the moment. No doubt you have read the terrible state we are in and our Freedoms being taken from us, I refer to Freedom of Speech, one has to watch what one says “the Hate Crime Brigade” are waiting to charge anyone with Racist, I kid you not. Someone who has shown so many of us the light, Tommy Robinson, scares the crap out of the Government and the entire establishment, so they locked him up. Give it a few years and the marriage will be finished and as usual we the taxpayers will pay for the divorce, she will not tolerate her loss of freedom being told what to do, the “Men in Grey” rule the palace, always have. The Queen raised very selfish children who always have their way, personally I would love to see the end of the Monachy, this Country of mine will never be free of the Class system until they are ended. With reference to Princess Grace, I agree with you, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and the most stunning Bride I have ever seen, died far too young. Princess Grace was 100% Class. Now if harry had met an American as elegant and charming as Grace Kelly there would not have been a problem, what people here don’t like is this one is cheap, obvious and Divorced what one two times, and all the performances she is giving us will soon wear off, the British press are being kind to her at the moment, one wrong foot and all the dirt they have on her, well they won’t hold back. They did their best to destroy Princess Diana then the Royal Family finished her off. I hope I have not caused any offence, I tend to be very honest in my opinions. All the very best to you. Anna.

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      1. I liked your opinion and it sounds a bit like America today. If you don’t agree with democrats (liberals) then they call you & label you every offensive name their is because they can’t debate their opinions. They just go on the attack.
        I personally think Megan is putting on a front (acting) but that is said without knowing her.
        I believe the press and their paparazzi is ruining countries with their abilities to print lies for the sake of selling news. It’s shameful how they did Princess Diana. She was well respected over the world.
        The paparazzi may ruin Harry’s marriage too.
        We’ll see…
        No harm in your blog. It’s an opinion piece and you can use whatever language you like. Didn’t bother me or else I would have stopped reading it.
        Sincerely, C

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