Whilst there are those that are still gushing over this ludicrously, expensive,  gordy Royal wedding that took place on Saturday.  I wonder how many Londoners, let alone British People have given any thoughts to the events that took place three quarters of a mile away from Buckingham Place on May 22, 2013.

Instead of the tv channels and all their pathetic programmes about this wedding, even all the adverts that we have had to suffer for over a week.  What a shame that they have so far not shown any programmes in relation to all that took place three quarters of a mile away from Buck House on May 22 2013.

I refer specifically to a British Soldier, one Lee Rigby, that was BUTCHERED and practically decapitated on the streets of Woolwich.  Fusilier Lee Rigby  of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers had just left the Woolwich Barracks and was seen walking along the street, as he attempted to cross the road to go to a shop, a car speeding at 40/50 miles ran the young Fusilier down.

Two men jumped out of the car and used cleavers and knives to stab and hack the young Fusilier to death.  The two men both Nigerian descent, came to this Country and were raised as Christians until they converted to Islam, these two men named Adebolajo and Adebowale dragged the young Fusilier into the road where they continued to stab and hack the Soldier.  They stayed there until the Police arrived, at which time these two men charged at the Police firing guns, the Police shot back.  Unfortunately, the Police marksmen did not kill these two bits of scum.

As the young Fusilier Lee Rigby laid dying two Ladies bravely went to him, and one Lady held the young Fusilier in her arms until he died.  This Lady could not cope with all she had witnessed and holding this young man, she later committed Suicide.

On Tuesday May 22 we should all be Remembering an incredibly Brave young Fusilier, Lee Rigby, on Tuesday it will be Five Years since his Death.  It’s not a stupid fascicle wedding people should still be talking about, but instead its Fusilier Lee Rigby that words should be spoken about, that tv channels should be Remembering.

As for the two murderers, Adebolajo and Adebowale they are languishing in a British Prison, where we the British Taxpayers are paying for all of this.  Their five meals a day and all the rest, we are paying for.  One of these two bits of scum, claims a Prison Officer knocked one of his teeth out and he is suing for Compensation, I have no doubt he will receive it, this Country is so scared of being seen to say “no” or standing up to coloureds, the British in general are so scared of being called racist, one only has to look at the Royals to see that.  These two bits of scum should have been executed or shot dead at the scene, save the British Taxpayers money.

Please spare a thought for a young Royal Fusilier just crossing the road to go to a shop and having to suffer horrendously as he did.  Spare a thought for his Mother who was not there to hold her Son as he died, but there was a brave Lady who did hold the young Fusilier, as he took his last breath.






Dedication of The Fusilier Memorial

2 thoughts on “PLEASE REMEMBER

    1. It’s so very sad, she couldn’t cope with all the horrendous things you saw – I can only imagine a little. No Cheryl, she has been forgotten. This Country you get Honours if you are in entertainment, well connected to everyone, or a Politician. Those in charge don’t want to remember that day five years ago, it might offend the muslims if they did so. It’s disgusting, even at Windsor all the homeless soldiers were removed from the Town, could not be seen could they what with the wedding. This Country is not the Country you may have imagined, probably like America for me. So much happens and not for the better either. Cheryl, is that you when you were small, in your profile, so cute.


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