As every day goes by I am more and more shocked at so called Justice, British Justice, I may add.   I was brought up to respect the Laws of this Country and to respect those that represented the Law, ie the British Police.  Well today I have finally resigned myself to the fact that there is no respect due to the British Police, yes there may be good cops out there I don’t deny that, but they are nowhere to be seen it seems, all we see these days are pathetic so called Police who at the drop of a hat will arrest any WHITE British person, may that be Man or Woman, regardless of age, and arrest them for what well the modern trend is “Inciting Hatred, Race Crime”.

Yet you can be a muslim charged, all ELEVEN of them, charged with a series of charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, rape, any assortment of sexual charges, selling young girls for sex, slavery and on and on and on.  Yet as these muslims enter the Court and are asked for an interview by one Tommy Robinson, these muslims use the most offensive language as you will hear above, the Judge can be seen looking out of the window, do the Police arrive to arrest these muslims.  Not a hell in chance, they are Muslims must not touch them despite their depravity and what they would do to all WHITE women/young girls/little girls if they got their way and this Country was no longer a Christian Country and we were under sharia law.

They arrest the very man, one Tommy Robinson, who was trying to interview these eleven pigs.  Because Tommy Robinson was on suspended sentence, the cops went after him and they grabbed him and searched him, took his phone from him, refused until he pushed and pushed to find out why he was being arrested, finally the big cop tells him “inciting hatred” inciting b*****ks.  I am trying very very hard to hold my temper, I have been quite unwell for a week now, but I tell you this has stoked the fires in me again and I will keep fighting and seeking Justice for all Whites in this Country.

That royal wedding was a disgrace, the Queen’s face said it all she is looking at her Country, surely she cannot be happy at what she is seeing.  That farce on saturday, well I refused to look at it, I’m not a Royalist, its been dubbed “the soap wedding”, nor do I have respect left for the Police.  They are acting as though this is a Police State, maybe it is.

I know one thing there is NO JUSTICE FOR WHITES any longer, we are everyday being pushed aside, there are muslims who come here there are muslims born here who would blow us up, they are Terrorists and the Government lies, the Politicians lie, MI5 MI6 lie the Police authorities lie about what is going on in this Country.  Even in my small Town, many months ago there were Police raids and arrests re “Modern Day Slavery”, have we heard any more, no they were not even charged, Justice it stinks..  You have Jeremy Corbyn who makes his first official visit as Labour Leader to Northern Ireland, as a Terrorist lover and he still supports the IRA, Hezbollah, he is anti Jewish.  corbyn met with Terrorists on both sides of Northern Ireland Catholic and Protestant, but what did Corbyn do that is disgraceful, Corbyn REFUSED to meet the Victims of not only the Protestant Terrorists but the IRA, that man is a disgrace and a TRAITOR.  The Whites are on their own in this Country.

Watch the two videos below please, if you can, you will see the truth you will see what is important in GB, not Justice anymore thats for sure, you will see how speaking the Truth is now a Hate Crime in this Country.  More to follow.

The Fight for Free Speech goes on, the fight to maintain this Country the United Kingdom (not that it is united) as a Christian Country that fight will go on.  White Journalists from Germany on arrival in this Country were arrested and locked up for days on end and then deported, South African woman Journalist arrived in this Country and was deported, why because she was to give interviews on The Killing Fields of South Africa, the White Farmers and their Families being butchered by the Blacks, oh no we must not hear that here in this Country.  Its the TRUTH, the Truth can hurt, but we need the TRUTH, why because this Country does not want the truth of what is happening in Germany/France/Belgium/Holland/Sweden and the rest of Europe where muslims arrived in their thousands, this Country does not want the truth told here, must not do anything to offend the muslims, its as though Theresa May and all Politicians regardless of Party, Police etc are terrified of being called RACISTS.  I will stand up for Free Speech I will stand up to defend my Country, if that makes me as a White woman getting on in years, a Racist, so be it.







  1. Anna – the courts are there to deal out justice. Rapists need locking up for a long time. That’s the system – and those bastards are being locked up.
    Tommy is a fascist. He is inciting hatred. Why are you circulating fascist stuff?


    1. Opher, the reason he went there is because NO media outlet were reporting on it. Much like Rochdale it was knowingly being hidden from the British public. Robinson is simply publicising what we SHOULD know.

      Did you watch the entire 70+ minute live stream from outside the court this Morning? If so, please highlight ANYTHING he did or said that was inciting hatred? A pound to a penny you can’t. On the other hand, he was spat at, attacked, told to “f**k is Mother and Father” and the Police stood by, why did the police not intervene!?

      I am not circulating any fascist stuff Opher, I challenged you before to list just a few things that Robinson has said or done that marks him out as a racist or a fascist and you admitted you couldn’t. It’s easy to throw around labels on people but you need to be able to back it up. On the flip side, I am not a Corbynista or extreme left which is where true facism exists. Only have to look at the disgrace handling (or lack thereof) of the anti semitism outrage.


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