Having spent a restless night, worrying over the events of the injustices I saw on the internet yesterday evening.  I cried for my Country, I prayed for my Country, I still cannot believe what is happening what is being allowed to happen.

I refer specifically to the atrocious events that took place outside Leeds Court yesterday afternoon, the “fit up” and there can be no other words for it, it was the most disgusting injustice I have ever seen, never in my lifetime and being born in this Country, England, I have  witnessed the unbelievable behaviour of the British Police, the Police that are paid for by us, they get their wages from us The British Taxpayers, they get their more than generous Pensions from us the British Taxpayers, they answer to us, not the Government, not the Politicians, not the Judicial system or MI5 MI6 they answer to US, and they will.

As a Judge looking out one of the windows of the Court, laughing alongside a female copper, both filmed both clearly seen  –  a man is reporting on what is going on that day, suddenly he is surrounded by the Police, they take his arms, the take his mobile phone out of his hands and handcuff him and say nothing until the man in question asks over and over “why are you doing this what am I being charged with”.  The coppers, and low and behold one of those coppers standing next to this man arrested was the very same manly female copper seen laughing in the window with the Judge, and this we are supposed to believe is not a “FIT UP”??

One copper finally tells the man what he is charged with, they never read this man his Rights, the put him into the back of a Police van and drove away, to WHERE.  Low and behold there is now a complete Press Blackout on all that took place and what is happening now.  I am furious I feel sick that this is happening in my Country my England.

Are we now living under a Police State, I for one have absolutely no respect for the Police.  I know where I live how lazy they are, how useless they are, and how they help their fellow Policemen even though several cases of Vandalism had taken place by a coppers son, (a neighbour) on my property I get told “no action is taken”.  I am then reported to the Police and given a “quiet word” then my youngest Son was accused of trying to hit this coppers grandson with golf balls, two very wide gardens and two driveways away, and despite the fact my youngest Son had purchased a very large Golf Practice net, when the copper who called on us was taken into our garden and shown the net, he left my house with tail between his legs. They stink with corruption.

What right does a Judge have to arrange for the arrest of a man even though he has done nothing wrong.   How convenient that same Judge sits in front of that man arrested and sends him down for 13 months, to a Prison full of muslim terrorists/gangsters/rapists – the Prison is run by the muslims, the Prison Guards keep their distance, its all out of control.

The state, and I say the state because all of this stinks like a State controlled stitch up, determined to arrest this man, determined to imprison him, and even prepared for his Death if he is attacked.

How the State, the Government the Police all those secret or non so secrest organisations have underestimated the British Public.  There is OUTRAGE in this Country, there is Outrage coming from Europe, there is outrage being shown from America and Australia, oh my God how this stupid state I am living in has without doubt totally underestimated us all.

Us the People who want Justice, how many years has it taken for that gang of muslim men to be brought to Justice.  The only reason they have been is after a Public Outcry over what they were doing for five, ten maybe more years than that.  It took a Lady Social Worker to fight and fight to bring this out into the open, she was called names she was abused, I believe she even lost her job but had it not been for her we would not have know the extent of what is now known as “Grooming muslim gangs”.  These five abusive, arrogant muslims that were going into Leeds Court yesterday on charges of Kidnapping girls, and girls as young as 11 years of age/Raping young women, young girls as young as 11 years/selling/ slavery/Gang Raping and much more.  Will these scum be found guilty, there is no doubt they should be, but will they?  British Justice cannot be seen to be Racists, nor the Government, nor the Police – this Country of mine the United Kingdom is terrified of being called Racist, even the Queen has found herself in that position.

It was these filthy scum that the man arrested yesterday was talking about when he was arrested by the out of control police.  There are “Grooming Gangs” of muslim rapists all over the Country, in every City in every Town  – all the Politicians know, all the Police Forces know, do they do anything, NO NO NO.

I do not care what stupid idiotic names I get called by people who have not even checked out the facts, I will talk about the Truth, I will write about the TRUTH.  I will not be intimidated by those who really have no idea of the truth, they are trying to protect their own from abuse.

The name of the man arrested is Tommy Robinson, yes he was the founding member of The EDL, which he resigned from in 2010, but there are those ignorant individuals who still to this day insist he is still part of it.  Some people will always persist with their ignorance.

The Government, the Judicial system, the Police, most certainly the Police have been after Tommy Robinson for far too long.   The Government, the Judicial system, the Police and all those behind this “stitch up” have underestimated US the Public, they have underestimated US if anything happens to Mr Robinson.  They, by arresting Tommy Robinson have caused immense damage we are not weirdos, or nutters or as some say FASCISTS (Corbyn Labour’s Leader is a Fascist, the whole Party is, they are Anti Semitic especially Corbyn, these are Fascists), we get called Racists, Far Right.  Call us what you want, if we are showing that we WILL DEFEND this Country we will not let it be taken over by radical muslims forcing their sharia laws and all their ways upon us.  Even at my age I will go out there I will fight for my rights as a British Citizen.   Call us what you want, but you will NOT SHUT US UP.







Never in my lifetime have I ever felt ashamed to be English, but the Police the Judicial system the Government and all those who kowtow have made me feel this way.  FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH  FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY  FIGHT FOR TOMMY ROBINSON  SHOW OUR SUPPORT IN ANY WAY WE CAN.
















    1. Get your facts right before you continue slandering Tommy Robinson, he WAS he is NO MORE leader of the EDL he has not been since 2010. Are you going to condemn everyone who has a past, what about yourself, writing about/ boasting of all the drugs you once took, still, do perhaps should we condemn you for that. For a long time now its been clear to me that you have little or no respect for this Country and I have said to you in the past why do you stay if you dislike it so much. I happen to love the Country I was born into, England. England is my birthplace, England is my home and England I shall fight for regardless of my age, the same as yours. My Husband was in the Burma Campaign, like millions others who have fought for this Country in Wars and still do, do you think those of us that love this Land are prepared to have it sold off to muslims, home grown terrorists amongst them, rapists, gang rapists kidnappers of white young girls, slavery, do you think we will let SCUM like that take this Country and turn it into what they want NO NO NO. The Police, made fools of themselves, they are out of control. They should remember who pays their wages and yes I know you have is it two/three coppers in your family. Tommy Robinson was “SET UP” how convenient the female copper that arrested him was the one in the window with the Judge, laughing, the same Judge that within hours Tommy Robinson went in front of was found guilty and sentenced, all in a matter of hours. Never known a case to be heard so quick. They made fools of themselves and they know it. If Tommy Robinson is hurt or worse, I guarantee you there will be riots here on the streets, Enoch Powell’s words ring true. You defend the muslims so much then go live with them, shame on you for not defending your Country. By the way Opher, you for a long time without saying it was suggesting to me I was a racist, now you say I am promoting the Far Right. If fighting to save my Country makes me a racist, makes me Far Right, then so be it, I’ll be in company with Corbyn except he hates Jews, like the rest of the Labour Party.


    1. All you can do is stick to your beliefs. If like me you feel by raising your voice against all you feel is wrong, then go ahead Cheryl, make your voice heard. I never felt so annoyed about anything as I do about the way the Police are behaving here in the UK the way some Judges feel they can do what they want. Too much preventing us speaking the truth those in power don’t like it, it scares them. We are heading for riots here and not all White riots as some on here believe there are as many Black and muslim people who are scared of what is happening, and have all (White Black Muslims all got together). I have just emailed my MP, see if I can get him off his arse. Hope you are feeling better poppet, pain is the curse of our being isn’t it.

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      1. Isn’t it interesting how when things like this happen — the riots, I mean — you really see that not all people of other nations are the fanatics people think they are. They’re law abiding and have the same fears as the rest of us do. It’s a good thing, I think that they’re coming together. Nothing like a common cause for people to put their walls down and band together. But it’s such a hard lesson to learn…

        Btw, went up to our cabin over the weekend. The altitude was kind of hard to deal with. My oxygen level was pretty shallow up there and my legs didn’t work as well. I was actually a little afraid to go since that was where dad was when he had his heart attack…. But I survived!


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