I have just read the headlines on the British Evening Standard paper, referring to the crowds of people who have descended on Whitehall in London, at present it stated the people are staging a sit down, protesting at the disgraceful arrest of Tommy Robinson yesterday, the whole thing was an establishment SET UP.

The paper has referred to the thousand of people as FAR RIGHT, ridiculous beyond belief I wonder whose pocket that journalist who wrote this piece is in, don’t tell me he’s a little Corbyn Leftie.  Why must so many of the British Public be referred to as FAR RIGHT, because they are speaking out against the injustices that happened, because it seems the Police are out of control.

So I take it I am FAR RIGHT, then if that is the case I am bloody well poud to be, if defending one’s Country, if defending  Free Speech, if defending Free Press is FAR RIGHT than I am happy to be.   I am not a Fascist I am someone who loves my Country who last night prayed for my Country, disgusted at the scenes I saw.

Tommy Robinson, lets make it clear to the ignorant journalist at the Evening Standard and any other ignorant individual who says Tommy Robinson is EDL, NO he is not, he founded the EDL that was long ago, he left it he has not connections with it.

If London Busses had posters in their cab windows FREE TOMMY ROBINSON it only goes to show the ordinary working person at last is speaking out.  We have to speak out to Save this Country, the Government no longer care, all the Politicians no longer care the Queen shows no signs of caring.  We don’t have a Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher anymore, if we did this would not have happened, we only have OURSELVES and we must raise our voices to save this Country before those who want to destroy it, there will be NO sharia Law here, never.

Fight for Tommy Robinson, fight for justice, fight so our voices will be heard, fight for our FREEDOM.

https://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/04/britains-hated-man-isnt-hateful/       This magazine has Tory (Consevative) leaning principles.



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