Its four days since Tommy Robinson was arrested, in a “SETUP” of gigantic proportions, had his mobile phone taken from him handcuffed barely given the reasons for his arrest despite his asking “WHY AN I BEING ARRESTED” constantly.  He was put in a police van, taken in front of a Judge, found guilty, sentenced and taken to Hull Prison all in one day, my God they were quick, never known anything like it.

Tommy Robinson was completely set up, had he not had two colleagues with him, filming, live streaming, NO ONE would have known what had happened to Tommy Robinson.  What the British People have to realize is THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ANY OF US,  the coppers could take any of us with made up charges, and if no one sees it “where are we?”

When one goes out, you have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth, if a woman in her later life and with a disability can be arrested for using the words ” have a gay day” to someone, ludicrous, yes but true.  She is going to trial in July, there you go she has had to wait, they sentenced Tommy Robinson all in one afternoon.  What does one do if by chance you hand a homeless person a bacon sandwich and they happen to be muslim, you don’t know, then you get charged with “Hate Crime” for handing a bacon sandwich to a muslim, its happened.

The Police are out of control, unfortunately the majority of the coppers who are abusing the laws are making the good ones look bad, and there are plenty of choppers who have privately told Tommy Robinson that they agree with him but they can’t say it publicly.  Soldiers have said the same to Tommy.

For the record Tommy Robinson is NOT a Racist as some ignorant individuals keep saying, he has many very close Black, Muslim and Jewish Friends and a Prominent Iman. who support him.  At the Rally on Saturday outside Downing Street, Blacks and Muslims could be seen saying “Free Tommy Robinson”.  Shall we leave the Racism to the Labour Party, after all their Leader Corbyn and certain others in the  Party are anti semites.

There is a Petition here in the UK to ask Theresa May PM about Tommy, there are nearly 500,000 signatures already.

I would like to Thank America Press and certain individuals, including Roseanne Barr  and Donald Trump Jr Who are highlighting all of what is happening here, also Australian and Israeli Citizens who have protested outside the British Embassies in Melbourne and Tel Aviv for Tommy’s release.  Thank you.



9 thoughts on “FREE TOMMY ROBINSON

  1. Dr Steve Turley just did a great post on the Tommy Robinson Affair. Astonishing what the UK has come to. There has to be some push back on immigration and I see neither Labour nor Tory Leadership responding to the situation.
    I suspect what has permeated the thinking of the academics and politicians is guilt over the colonialism of 19th and 20th Centuries. In the back of their minds, unspoken, is the notion that the British Empire trashed their countries, so it’s pay back time.


    1. Thank you Rob, means a great deal. Its heartbreaking, every day I am more and more shocked. I love England, as you undoubtedly love America, it breaks my heart to see what’s happening, all I can do is write a blog to spread the news.

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      1. The strange thing is we can see what is happening all over Europe, yet there are those in my country who are racing towards the same condition. It seems to me that the crimes are not as important as the ideology. The leftists and globalists want open borders and will not allow a few rapes and murders derail their quest.


  2. Friends, you know what to do.
    If you have concerns about a family member or a friend you can ring the Safer Prisons Hotline: 01482 228273.
    For immediate concerns around the safety of a prisoner, please contact the main prison number.


    Hedon Road
    HU9 5LS

    Tel: 01482 282200
    Fax: 01482 282400

    Governor: Rick Stuart

    Accommodation: Cells

    Operational capacity: 1044 as of 23 March 2018


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