Hard to believe, I for one never thought in my lifetime I would see such posters on London Busses, but these are allowed because unfortunately, the Mayor of London happens to be one, useless I must add, Sadiq Khan need I say where his family originates from the name gives it all away.

No Roman Catholic adverts have ever been allowed on London’s Busses, nor the Church of England or any religious posters come to that, but here we have it MUSLIM Rules, OK.  Well NO it bloody well does not and will not.

Khan had removed posters on London’s underground trains and walls and some London Busses, posters of young women in underwear.  Khan, the devious muslim that he is, had them removed for wait for it, his reasons;

“they made young girls stop eating, they encouraged them to be thin”  –  what crap that is.

The truth was Women must be covered up, muslim rules.  These posters he was told to remove by those “shady” friends of his who have too much power of their own, they found them offensive.  They have no damn right to have these posters removed, found them offensive don’t look.

So its alright to put up Muslim posters in a Country that is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY AND WILL REMAIN SO, I have said those words so often and I will continue too even if it annoys certain individuals who should be loyal to this Country.

Below you will see what I am referring to.  The British people must make their voices heard, too quickly muslims in are high powered position, the cabinet has too many.  They are forcing this Country to become a muslim Country and it will not happen.

I like the Germans, so I hope if any see this they will forgive my remark.  Hitler who was NOT Germany but the Nazi Party could not beat us, even when this Country was on its knees. I hardly think these Muslims will.   We must fight with whatever legal means we have to keep Our Country, OUR COUNTRY.


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    1. Thats because they have worked their way into our society, and because all those in charge the Government, Politicians, the Police the Judicial System, Tom Dick and Harry – they are all too damn scared of being called Racists. Well there comes a time Cheryl when to save one’s Country one has to speak out.

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