Here she was counting down the days, waiting to see as she did each month, waiting for that dream she so long has thought about.  She wasn’t sure how she would tell him or how he would react, she told herself he would be happy, but deep in her heart she really felt different.

She had dreamt for so long this moment, if it comes true, she dreamt how she would tell him and his reaction.  She would buy them and wrap them up all prettily in a box complete with ribbon and she would wait until they sat down for dinner she would place the little box on his plate and wait for his reaction when he opened the box.

Every month, since they Married and that was now many years, she longed for this hopeful moment.  She quietly dismisses in her mind that the only reason she married was for her dream to come true, and hopefully that will happen tomorrow or the next two days.

She didn’t sleep very well he would ask her to stop fidgeting and what was the matter with her, but she could not answer him.  She rose several times went to the bathroom used the toilet looked at the toilet paper before she threw it in the pan, nothing, thank God she would say to herself nothing it hasn’t arrived, but saying that she felt it might prove to be bad luck.

For two days she went through the same ordeal not sleeping well up and down to the bathroom, “will you stay still” he would say, didn’t he care she asked herself.  Four days turned into six days and still nothing, she felt so excited “this could be it, oh please let it be true” she said and decided once her husband had gone to work she would pop out to the local chemist and buy a Pregnancy Test kit, they claim they are reliable but she would still go and see her Doctor to make doubly sure.  She rushed home and read the instructions and placed it out of sight of her husband.    The test was not ready to read until 6pm, and she would remember that time for the rest of her life.  It turned out to be the longest day of her life, she watched the clock “tick tock tick tock tick tock” the seconds would go so slowly let alone the minutes or hours.

At 6pm she rushed to the hiding place, opened the drawer and there it stood, the little test tube held over the mirror, it had gone “BLUE” she screamed her heart jumped she cried she was so happy so elated, she felt her stomach and said “I love you, I love you so much”.  Now she had to tell her husband, there in the drawer was the little box wrapped up with the ribbon on ready for her to put on his dinner plate, she closed the drawer.

The dinner was cooking, she quickly laid the table and put the dinner plates out, she looked to her husband’s plate but no box she had decided that was a perfect dream but he wasn’t the person in her dream.  He would not have found it romantic or touching, he would probably have thought it stilly, definitely unnecessary.

The key in the door and there he was, the uualy unromantic greetings, he had his usual cooffee and relaxed until dinner was on the table.  As he was looking at his evening paper, she stood in front of him “I have some newsd to tell yopu” she said, “oh yes, ypou went shopping what did you buy nowe” he asked of her, “I did go out this morning just to the chemists” she said “why did you not feel too well” he asked his wife, with it seemed little interest in doing so.

“I was alright, I needed to go and buy something, a Pregnancy Test” she said, her husband lowered his newspaper “and the rewsult is” he enquired “its Blue that means I’m pregnant, are you pleased” she asked “yes I’m peased of course I’m pleased but those kits are not 100% right, so you need to see the Doctor” he told her, suddenly it was as though he had thrown water onto the coals.  “Yes I know, but at least I am going to have a Baby, and your’e going to be a Daddy” she told him, “it would seem so” he replied.  She had expected more from him, more lvoing responses, perhaps tasking hwer into hisd arms hol,ding hert telling her she had been clever and how happy they were, he was” but noi he was cool and well himself, she wanted to cry but held it all back.

As she stood in her kitchen she thought of the Baby starting to grow inside her. and she was so happy, thinking of the future and this Baby.  Tomorrow she will phone the Doctor’s Surgery and make an appointment to see him, justt to have the Pregnancy confirmed.  Dinner was as ever more or less silent, with her doing the majority of the talking, was he tired of her already, what she didn’t want to ask but would later much much later when it would all be too late to do anything about it all.




Lovely Andy Williams, such a Gentleman.  Great voice, miss him.




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