Last week in England more people were injured when a vehicle was driven at them and the driver escaped.  Terrorist attack, oh yes it had all the hallmarks of being one and it was, but according to our “wonderful Police”? it WAS NOT a Terrorist Attack.

Ofcourse it was a Terrorist attack, the United Kingdom doing the same as Belgium when people are murdered by a Terrorist “it was not a terrorist attack, he had mental problems”.  Yes those Mental Problems, those two great words that my Country and it seems many other Countries too, have adopted.

This Government and I am sure others too, are treating their People as complete idiots.  How dare they, how dare these politicians, the police the secret service how dare they treat us as Fools.  We know the truth, oh how we know the truth and that as much as these people in charge think they can stop us saying, how wrong they are.

We are facing more and more Terrorist attacks, these are just the forerunner for one massive Terrorist Attack here in London or maybe somewhere else here in the UK.  I am sick to death of all the lies all the covering up that this Government are doing, and that does not mean for those Left Wing believers its just the Conservatives that are covering up.  Labour would and are covering up, look at their Leader’s constant lies over his hatred for the Jews.

Those in charge believe if they admit the truth that there are more Terrorist attacks going on here than we know about, and the majority are HOME GROWN TERRORISTS, the Enemy Within our biggest worry it should be.  The Government, the police the secret services, the judicial system and on and on, their worry is if they admit the truth there will be calls of RACISTS at them, and then assign they don’t want us ordinary folk protesting or even fighting on the streets to save our Country, do they.

They can’t keep lying to the General Public, we are NOT STUPID, we will react and react in a way they know is capable here.  The Police, the Judges, the Government have made themselves look complete fools the World over.  The World over they are protesting for the release of one Tommy Robinson, not just the English but people of all different nations, yet the coppers, the Judges the Government think “stay quiet it will all go away  WELL IT WON’T.  There is a fire in the Hearts and Souls of those of us who care, care what happens to Tommy Robinson, care what happens to the Country of our Birth, the Country we love.


Sorry, Police Judges and all Politicians, we will fight back we won’t shut up.


  1. I’m afraid that England has gone back to the thinking of Neville Chamberlain. Peace in our time, right? Nothing to see here, right? Like Chamberlain, the politicians of England will do anything to avoid confrontation, to which Churchill said “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”


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