Where is Tommy, Tommy Robinson, arrested by the thuggish police, the once respected British Police, they have lost that.  Tommy was arrested  Friday May 24, 2018.  To date there has been no information released regarding Tommy’s welfare.

His Wife, or Family were told they could visit him, but at the last moment that permission was removed, with NO EXPLANATION.  That is absolutely disgusting and so distressing for his wife and his young children.

The biggest fear is Tommy’s wellfare, I believe all those that have protested and care about what happens to Tommy this is one question they are asking “how is Tommy”.  The Government, the Police and the Judicial systems have made themselves not only in the eyes of more British People than they expect but people the World over, they have made themselves look complete bloody fools.

I would never have thought that any regardless of political views, any government would have acted this way, I would never have thought years ago that the Police would behave in such a way – but for several years now I have seen how the Police have behaved on several occasions and I have been sickened.  Yes, I know there are good cops out there, unfortunately the cocky, arrogant, bullying other coppers are far too many.

God forbid any harm should come to Tommy Robinson whilst incarcerated in a British Prison, God forbid and I don’t want to say this but will, if Tommy were to have an “accident” as the prison service, the police and the government would put a death down to.

It transpires that prior to Tommy Robinson being arrested, he left with his colleagues a letter he wrote if he were to die if he was arrested and imprisoned, that is something the Prison Service, the Police and especially the Government and the PM Theresa May will not want to happen.

Anything happen to Tommy Robinson, then I have no doubt there will be trouble on the British Streets.

Tommy Robinson is now a Political Prisoner.  Tommy Robinson is now more better known that the idiotic Government, Police and Judges believed could be possible, they made it possible.  Tommy Robinson is now a Hero, he has shown us we can speak out, not to be afraid.  We will protect our Freedom of Speech, Tommy has shown us that.


3 thoughts on “WHERE IS TOMMY?

  1. He’s locked up for inciting race hatred in defiance of a court order, Anna. They’ll let him out soon. The EDL are a hard-right group who are intent on stirring up trouble. He’s been doing it since he was a football hooligan.

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    1. Yet again Opher, you never, ever get your facts right do you, all you do is just throw the dirt byut find no problem with being associated with and undoubtedly voting for the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST Party under H


    2. Did not finish – under Heir Corbyn and McDonnell, shame on you what does that make you. You of course have never broken the Law have you, so what do you call taking all those different illegal drugs that you did. You need to be told “you are not perfect” you may think you are the answer to the World’s problems, but YOU ARE NOT. You pontificate and its rubbish.


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