Hello, I thought I would just pop in to see you all, as you may remember my name is Daisy and I am a rescue doggie that my Brothers and Mummy gave me a home.  I celebrated my Birthday on April 29, I am 6 years old and I had more fluffy  toys, did I tell you that I have a lot of fluffy toys, I am a little spoilt, just a little!

The mornings are boring, after I pay my first visit to the garden I then get my breakfast which I thoroughly enjoy, I look at mummy and its time for me to crawl into my bed and have a nap whilst mummy does all the washing which seems to take for ages.  I keep my ears opened and my eyes on mummy from my bed when I hear her filling the kettle with water and I know then she is making a rhubarb tea and there maybe be some bread or even a biscuit going, as soon as mummy sits at the kitchen table I will be by her side, she finds it hard to resist not giving into me.

It’s a lovely sunny afternoon here and Mummy asked me if I would like to help her in the garden, just lately I have been upset and not my usual self.  You see some nasty people when I was out with one of my brothers on a walk, they started shouting at me because I was barking I didn’t like what their dog was doing to me.  My brother had me on my lead as he does every time, except on the beach, this other dog was not on a lead.  I keep thinking these people are coming to get me and I watch our front door all the time now.

I like being in the garden and I wish I could help mummy out there as there is so much to do, she can’t do it like she used to because of her health, but she does love her garden.  I do help with all the dead branches that fall from the trees I run around with them hoping mummy will chase me.

She tells me she wished I would stay out in the garden longer with her, but I get fed up and run in the house, to check out the bedrooms to see if I can jump on the beds and have a well deserved nap, no luck.  Then I run into the garden again just to let mummy know I am around.

Around 5pm every day mummy normally makes a fruit tea for herself and I get my Dentastix and we sit down in the Living room, there are days when mummy pretends she has not brought the Dentastix into the Living room so I sit there and give her my paws until she laughs and I get my chew for my teeth.  Then its time for me to have a sleep, after all I have been busy all day long.

Jonathan gets home at 6pm and he always spoils me, so I run around him, usually give him one of my  toys so we can have a game, later I hear David rising getting ready to start work, off I go at speed up the stairs and onto his bed, I’ll stay with David then by his desk as he works until he goes to bed at 7am or 8am.  David always takes me for my long in the evening, by the time we get back I am so tired.

Well thats my news for now, I hope next time it might be a bit more exciting.  I hope you are all well and that we shall chat again soon.  Bye from Daisy and XX



You’re A Good Dog



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