This evening in Islington, North London Jeremy Corbyn, Sajid Javid Home Sec and the Mayor of London the big useless chief Sadiq Khan and all the other crawlers attend a memorial for the first anniversary of someone so important to them, someone  the majority if not all do not know the name of.  He was run over in what it is said was a hate crime but was already dead prior to being run over, the man who ran him over was prosecuted and locked up.

The point I am trying to make is that Corbyn and all the others attended this first anniversary because the man who had been run over was a muslim, put down as a hate crime.   What truly sickens me is I don’t recall and I can’t find evidence that the above mentioned people attended any Anniversary marking the horrendous murder of a British Soldier.

That Soldier was Royal Fusilier Lee Rigby of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, just a young man.  He was BUTCHERED near his Barracks in South London where he had just left to pop into a local store on May 22, 2013.  First of all he was run over by a car whose occupants jumped out of and chased Fusilier Lee Rigby down the street until the two cornered him and then repeatedly stabbed him and then endeavoured to HACK OFF HIS HEAD.  Horrific, Yes.  Two out of the many witnesses to that Horrific Butchering of this young very brave Lee Rigby was a man and woman, the Lady committed suicide sometime later and the man Mr Danny Cornelius committed suicide because of what he witnessed.

Whereas Corbyn/Javid/Khan and gang can attend a memorial this evening for someone they didn’t know, someone who was not a member of Her Majesty’s Services or a policeman/fireman/judge or whatever, but was a muslim and therefore ultra important.  I don’t see how they made a charge of murder stick, considering it was proved the man was already dead when he was run over, but there you have it there is no such thing as British Justice anymore.

I daresay a Placq will be placed if not there already, on that spot where Corbyn and gang stood this evening, for this man that died.  If you are interested there was finally a placq placed for Fusilier Lee Rigby not where he died but way down the road where only motorists driving by can see.  You see, the Government cannot have this Memorial seen by anyone it must be placed out of sight, for fear it might upset our muslim friends – Terrorists/radicalized home grown or whatever.

I am annoyed, you bet I am.  Everyday I am seeing more and more how the Government, the PM the Queen and her lot, for all I know, and the entire establishment which includes all the media outlets they seem prepared to hand over this Country.  They are treating those of us who love our Country like complete bloody fools, and we are not.

So a note to them, take heed.  There is only so much more crap you can dish out to us.  You have already made a Political Prisoner out of Tommy Robinson, what are they going to do imprison us all.


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