I spotted this earlier and I just could not believe what I was hearing.  Here we have one, Theresa May Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, speaking to the muslims on the end of Eid Al-Fitr.  I don’t ever recall this woman speaking to the Irish Community at the end of St Patrick’s Day, or the Jewish community, let alone the British people who want to but are made to feel guilty or called Racists on St George’s Day.  Now here we have this Treacherous woman praising the muslims for all they have done for this Country.

What have they done, I don’t deny there are decent muslim people living here who have contributed and live in fear not from the Whites but their own muslims.  There are those muslims who want to overtake this Country who are FORCING their beliefs in this Country.  One thing must be made clear to them and;

No.1    It won’t come from the British PM or any British politician.

No.2    It won’t come from the Queen of this Country, she seems to care less what is happening to this Country.

No.3    It will come from those British people who Love their Country, as I do and will do all they can to make sure that this Country will never, ever be handed over to those muslims, nor will we lose our Christian Faith.

No.4    Theresa May and all Politicians from whatever side of the House they come, they are all so scared of being referred to as Racists.  It will be left to us, the ordinary people of this Country to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.


Right now I feel so shocked and disgusted by what Theresa May did, it seems all the Establishment are crawling to the muslims, they are ramming them down our throats and it won’t work.   Most of all I feel totally Betrayed by this Woman, for me she is as bad if not worse than Merkel because she is our PM.  Theresa May is a Traitor.

Now this brings me to the fact that from her Office, the Home Secretary’s Office one Sajid Javid who takes his orders from the boss May, and the whole establishment that includes the police the majority who don’t do the job they are paid to do, the Judges the media the BBC etc etc all the damn establishment are hell bent on locking up even have injured one young man who has defied them, who is scaring the s**t out of them all.  That one young man  is Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson has shown us how to fight back how to stand up to them all, the truth the fact that we have little or no Freedom of Speech in this Country, Russia has more Freedom.   Tommy Robinson is a thorn in the Establishments side and those of us who love this Country and I love my Country the Country of my Birth England, we will support Tommy in all he does.  He has so much guts and the establishment know that and will do all they can to control him.  Then they have US to contend with.

Theresa May has betrayed this Country  –  she has betrayed all those brave men that have fought their Wars, legal or not, she has betrayed every single decent person in this Country for those muslims who want nothing else but to make this Country theirs, all those dangerous dubious ministers in her cabinet and the shadow cabinet.







  1. Anti-globalism is sweeping the Industrial West. From Poland to the United States. Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner. Period. The Leftist Globalists are using their dwindling influence to sway public opinion, but they just don’t get that they no longer control the narrative. We see it here in the States on the fake border detention propaganda blitz. Western journalists have not resorted to such blatant propaganda since World War I and the fake news stories exaggerating German atrocities in Belgium. A sad day when the media distorts and obfuscates the truth.


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