What excitement and well done to England, they worked so hard were such a strong team and supported each other.  What was great to see as well was how any confrontations and they walked away.   Harry Kane, England’s great Hero at the moment was as usual so calm never would argue just put the ball down and walk off.

I love football, as a little girl I would watch football on the TV with my Father on a Saturday afternoon when it was the Season for it.  It was really the only time that there was a closeness to my Father, memories I treasure.  It was my responsibilty when I got older to call out the scores of the matches at the end of the day when the BBC would announce the results, my Father would tick them off on his Football Pools sheet.  Daddy never really made anything from it, the most he probably won was £1 or £2.  But for me Saturday afternoon meant a lot Daddy would sit in his chair and I would sit on the floor and I would talk and talk (nothing changes does it?) and he would say “let me listen to the game girlie”, precious moments – thats all we have at the end isn’t it, just memories, even if only a few.

We had a neighbour who ran the Pub in West Ham where the West Ham players would drink, amonst them Bobby Moore (until his mum would come into take him home), and as a young girl I would be asked if I would like to go to see West Ham with our neighbour and his Son, because the man was friends with so many at West Ham Club.  Stupid me I always refused, oh how I regret that I did not.  West Ham was the team I followed.

My Father was so upset when my mother booked a week away one summer, we only went to Worthing, bad memories of that place, it is just beyond Brighton.  It just so happened that the Saturday we arrived was the Final of the World Cup and England under Bobby Moore and most of the West Ham  and Liverpool team had the best chance.  I can’t remember now if it was my Father or myself that said “can’t we go and see Miss Lee and Miss Cook”  Miss Lee had sold her house to us and had moved to Worthing and had invited us to call.  My mother being who she was siad “no” but we went thank God.

Whilst there my Father was asked would he like to see the World Cup “surely its on the television” dear Miss Cook said and they kindly put the tv on I sat on the floor, well not all the time I was standing cheering shouting everytime England scored, with my mother telling me to be quiet and I always remember Miss Lee saying to my mother “please let her, its so nice to see someone so enthusiatic” she wrote to my mother on our return home and told her how she and Miss Cook had had such an enjoyable afternoon.  As you may know England beat Germany for the World Cup, the last time we won it, well hopefully this time we may just pull it off.

Congratulations to the England Team and to Gareth Southgate Manager who has done a brilliant job and is the right man for the job and Harry Kane the best Captain of England I have seen since Sir Bobby Moore.  Harry Kane reminds me so much of Bobby Moore, quiet determined well mannered, a Gentleman and a superb clean footballer.

Now onto Victory, lets hope it happens and brings some cheer to England, by God we need it so much all my Country is going through.   But, never underestimate Germany, they will always pull something out of the bag.





England  –  Panama    6 -1


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