Look around, hold back the tears

her perfume stands on the dresser

the scent lingers in the bedroom

laid over the chair her negligee

I hold the negligee close to my heart

I smell her on it and feel her body warm and soft


She’s gone but lingers

always in my mind

I see her body,

I long for her


She’s departed from this home

she cried when she was going

but my heart calls out for her

everything here reminders of my love


I try to close the door

but am unable to do so

all we had all we loved

her face her body is here


Yet still the reminders

of her and us together

are here like her perfume

her love I hold close


She’s gone, gone, gone

yet I feel her closer each day

she is within me

in all that surrounds me

I can’t let her go


Despite the lonely nights

the dark when it comes

how I would hold her tight

and we would look at the sky


Her fingers on my face

her lips on mine

how I need her now

I look to the sky

and she’s there

that bright Star






Frank Sinatra asked Rod McKuen to write an entire album for him, the first and only time Sinatra asked anyone.  Rod McKuen wrote the most beautiful, tender, loving words and music.  The critics, jealous, knocked the album – who are they nothing.  Frank Sinatra to his death, remained a close Friend of Rod’s



It’s good to be back here on my Blog.  Nine weeks away, unfortunately rather ill, but I have a lot to write and I look forward to my future plans, and of course looking at all the blogs that I receive and enjoy.



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