How many Mountains stand before me

one starts to count

but then the mist that rises and falls

so often shows more mountains


The Lakes with their grey and blue

their rippling waters

slight splashes of water

against your ever present rocks


I see before me just one Swan this bright morn

the air so crisp and fresh

the sun trying so hard to break through


The sounds of nature

a rustling behind me in the long grass

I wait, watch and listen

then I see the most majestic one

a Stag in all its beauty


It watches me as I watch

still and glorious

how privileged I feel

to see this Stag


In all its wonder

on this misty morn

overlooking Killarney Lakes



—————————————————————————————————————————————–I wrote this around September 1997/98 one lovely morning, in Killarney, Kerry whilst sitting on the rocks overlooking the lower Lake of Killarney in Kerry.  Behind me were the ruins of a Medieval Castle named McCarthy Mo’r, built on a rocky promontory within the grounds, or the lower Lake and gives its name to that portion known as the Bay of Castle Lough.




Irish Celtic Harp and Flute, always makes me so tearful, remembering happier times in Ireland.






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