With all the hatred for the Jewish people that Jeremy Corbyn, the British Labour Leader, comes out with.  One has to ask as Corbyn is so full of hated for the Jews, does he not see how like Hitler and his beliefs he is.

Even certain members of the IRA are now coming out and supporting Corbyn’s hatred for the Jews, that does not surprise me.  Jeremy Corbyn for far longer than I care to mention has supported Terrorist Groups, think of the IRA and all the British Soldiers that they murdered never mind all the innocent Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and the UK the IRA butchered and not once did or even now, has Corbyn criticised those Terrorists.  Then we have Hezbollah that Corbyn is always so proud to stand in front of the Terrorist Flags, what about the Wreath lain to the butchers of the Munich Massacre, Corbyn showed no shame, still does not show any shame.

Yet here in the UK its Corbyn’s hatred for the Jews and it appears anything Jewish that so many find disgusting.  Corbyn’s attacking a Jewish Lady in the House of Commons, that pathetic fool Corbyn even called the Police on that Lady.  Whats next, Corbyn will deny The Holocaust ever happened.  I am not Jewish but I have great admiration for the Jewish people and all they have suffered throughout their history.  I admire them for their courage for their determination for their strength.

What is wrong with Corbyn is he suffering with Alzheimer or is he just so full of intense hatred for the Jews he cannot control himself.  If its the latter than he is the biggest RACIST out never mind him and his Left Wing loonies calling all those like myself who want an end to the illegal immigrants coming into the UK and want those that should not be here sent back, we are called Racists, in fact we are realists.

Jeremy Corbyn is a very, very dangerous man who must be stopped, he MUST NEVER become Prime Minister of this Country.  I firmly believe what we need now is a Strong Right Wing Leader, not an embarrassment like the present PM Theresa May who is far too soft.

We Voted to come OUT of Europe, the majority won and thats what counts.  The Pound soared yesterday.  Now what we need is someone who is not scared of telling the truth, someone that listens to what the People who really care about this Country have to say.  Those Lonnie Lefties in all those groups, including ANTIFA that support that Racist Corbyn, they must be STOPPED and STOPPED NOW.

This hatred Corbyn has for the Jews is escalating and Corbyn is totally responsible for what has happened and will happen regarding any violence that may take place against the Jews.  Is this World not hard enough to live in, without morons and dangerous morons like Corbyn and his gang of Far Left loonies causing more and more trouble.

Must we face another War in this World of ours, Germany will not take much more, I defend the right of those that protest against all that Merkle has done to that Country in allowing not just Germany but the whole of Europe to be flooded with Illegal Immigrants that the majority of those living in those Countries not just Whites but Blacks as well, do not want.  Now we have Jeremy Corbyn, so called Leader of Labour “Spewing all his hatred for the Jews” and all those vicious out of their heads and illiterates from the Universities who spend their time boozing and on drugs not forgetting causing riots that follow Corbyn promoting the hatred Corbyn has for the Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn must be stopped, has no one the guts to Prosecute him for his Racism.  Damn it, if it were someone publicly showing the hatred that Corbyn shows to the Jews, to those Muslims, you could guarantee in this Country they would have been arrested within hours and in front of a Judge and Imprisoned, locked in a cell for 23 hours of the 24, that very same day.  –  after all they did that to Tommy Robinson and he committed NO CRIME, they still have not told Tommy what he was supposed to have done wrong.  Justice in the UK, not anymore there is NO FREE SPEECH either.

Corbyn should be charged now with Racism and causing hatred to the Jewish People of this Country.   One of the most respected old Labour MPs, Frank Field has resigned from the Party, how right he is to do so.  There is no more Labour Party, it is the Party oi Hatred especially for the Jews and thats ANTI SEMITIC.   The Labour Party I first voted for when I was 21 and continued voting for was the Real Labour Party, the Party that cared for the Working Class in the UK, the  Party that did so much good, until the Extreme Far Left Militants joined, those like Corbyn.  Perhaps when Corbyn took over the Party Leadership it was thought he would calm down and respect the position he now had, but NO all he has done is cause more and more trouble, he has shown his Betrayal of the United Kingdom, he is an out and out Traitor in supporting people like the IRA who have never gone away and will never surrender their beliefs and the Muslim Extremists.  Now he has shown his real hatred, his intense hatred for the Jews that is reaching boiling point, this Fran Field could not accept any longer if in fact he ever did.  Frank Field in my estimation will not be the only Labour MP to resign, watch this space.   One thing does amuse me and its the fact that the man who illegally took this Country to a War still being fought and lied to the House of Commons, one Tony Blair, is being too quiet.  I suspect Blair is sitting back and watching as Corbyn once and for all destroys the Labour Party.





Thanks to “Top Documentaries”


  1. Sorry, Anna. Can’t watch that one. Rips my heart out. Nearly came unglued in the Holocaust Museum in D.C. at an exhibit of dead children’s shoes… Have you ever seen the movie Denial with Tom Wilkinson? (Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.) It’s a true story. Very good.


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