Now I have heard everything.  The Queen here in the UK ordered the Welsh Guards outside Buckingham Place yesterday, to play a tribute to Aretha Franklin, what the hell for??

I suspect this was another ridiculous suggestion by that Markle woman and being of mixed race I have  no doubt she mentioned Aretha Franklin and this tribute to the Queen.   The Queen cannot be seen to have any kind of public disagreement with her Grandson’s wife, hence this ridiculous nonsense yesterday.

What the hell is going on in this Country, all this pandering to certain people, Europe is in an absolute mess this Country is like a melting pot, take a look at Sadiq Khan’s London violence, violence, violence  –  everyday in the newspapers thats all we read, another Murder in London, another Gun or knife attack or should I say attacks.  People being violently attacked, people being robbed.  No Tourists should visit London it is NOT SAFE as it once was.

So the Queen panders to “these people” with this embarrassing suggestion of the Welsh Guards playing a “tribute” to Aretha Franklin.  I am sick to death of hearing about that over the top four/five day funeral.  Goodness sake, whats wrong with people, get a grip.  For me there was a far better singer a far better woman who was loved by everyone, her name was Ella Fitzgerald. I don’t recall all this fuss all this nonsense of the body have clothes changes everyday and a Funeral dragged out for days on end, and to to crown it all, the Queen of England embarrassing herself and the Country by making the Welsh Guards play a “tribute” to that singer.  Come to think of it, why didn’t the Queen make the Welsh Guards do a Moonwalk when Michael Jackson died.

Franklin’s Funeral turned out to be a farce, we had some Religions Minister touching some singers breast and as for Bill Clinton well he was well and truly drooling over some singer whose dress left nothing to the imagination, Clinton’s eyes were stuck on her and it was so easy to read his mind and what he wanted, it was as though he was back in the Oval Office, only Monica was replaced by this girl in his eyes, same colour dress was it??

Such a pity the Queen did not show some respect to her late Daughter-in-Law HRH Diana Princess of Wales  –  despite the Queen spitefully removing HRH from Diana on her Divorce, Diana will always to the World be HRH.   As the World knows the British crowds and the Tourists with their disgust towards the Royal Family, especially the Queen refusing to return to London on the Death of Diana, the People forced the Queen back to London, and she was forced to Lower the Flag in Diana’s Honour  –  something the Queen and the rest of them would not have done.

Now we have the Queen forcing the Welsh Guards to play a tribute to a singer, I have absolutely no respect for her or the other load of wasters in the Royal Family.  When they “got rid of the only Woman , Diana, who had more beauty, elegance, charm and sincere Love for the people than any of them.  They mocked and used Diana at every opportunity, now the Queen has made this Country look so stupid by kowtowing to a gold digger I believe, to honour some soul singer.

This Country, the UK, is well and truly F….d.     If only we had Margaret Thatcher and Churchill back.

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