Seventeen Years ago the World was totally in shock, watching mesmerised as one plane after another flew into the famous Twin Towers and the Pentagon and the plane United 93.

The exact number of all those that Died perhaps will never be known, but One was One too many.  So many Towns, Cities small hamlets around the World lost someone or knew of someone involved in the Terrorist Attack.  Even where I  live, a chap who used to do work for me lost his Stepson in the Twin Towers.  As I watched here with my youngest Son the events unfolding on the Television, we were so worried that “was London next” no one knew what was happening to the World.

We shall never forget what happened, we shall never forget the site of those filthy Terrorists as they flew into the Towers, of those filthy Terrorists that hijacked United 93.  All those brave people who struggled to survive and the immense courage of all those Firemen, Policemen and all those that helped to rescue people.  Those Firemen who gave no thought for their own lives as they ran up the stairs to rescue people, remains in my mind to this day, as does the sight of Men and Women throwing themselves out of the windows to their Deaths.  Dear God this is what the Terrorists deem as “justifying their cause?”, maybe its wrong of me but all the Terrorists who commit their acts of barbarism deserve the worse endings I could possibly imagine for them.

The Terrorists no matter where they originate from, even those that are “home grown” or those that have flooded our Country, THEY WILL BE BEATEN THEY WILL NEVER EVER WIN.

Most of all what is to be admired, the Bravery of all the American People who with courage and dignity have shown the World that Terrorism WILL NOT WIN.








Warning – Graphic.

3 thoughts on “REMEMBERING 9/11

    1. Thank you Rob, it will always be with us. How are you, sorry I have been lapse in looking at all your great work, I have it all so I will be doing that, getting my energy back slowly. Hope you had a good vacation, lots of fun!!


  1. It’s interesting to read people’s accounts of it now. Sometimes it’s easier to look back on it as history. People have had more time now to put their thoughts and memories in order. What a tragedy that so many died helping. Even the dogs… That broke my heart.


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