Jamie Oliver is joining Tesco Supermarket to launch his own range of “food” at least thats what he calls it.  One of the most HATED men in the United Kingdom, Twitter is being inundated with comments regarding this despicable man who is solely responsible for this Country being forced to pay a Sugar Tax, and banning certain foods that many people want and like.  Schools are not allowed to serve chips (fries) to Children not even once a week.  What right has this man to dictate what people in this Country want to eat or drink, if they want sugar then they are entitled to have sugar not have to pay more Tax on it.  As for School meals its up to the Parents or Parent  to decide what their child will have to eat.  Oliver is also responsible for the Nazi-esque Teachers who go through the Lunch boxes of all the children in the school.  Removing all foods that contain sugar or salt.  This is not a Police State.  They send threatening letters to the Parents judging them on the food they give their children.  If that had been done to me, I would have withdrawn my children from the school immediately.

Tesco Shares will drop, or they will have to reverse what they have just done, whatever idiot within Tesco made the decision to hire this k……d should be sacked immediately.   The People in this Country at last are speaking out, if only to say enough is enough and they don’t want that P…K telling them what they can or cannot enjoy.

The Most Hated, Despicable, Ludicrous, Full of Himself Man in the United Kingdom, go do one, disappear.





This little Boy (although I understand he is grown up now) had the Right Idea, a Growing Boy/Man needs his Bacon, every time.  What a great little Boy he was, I bet he is an even better Man now.  She in yellow looked like a Beanpole.


  1. Really? They go through their lunches? That’s ridiculous! That little video was so interesting. I know they tried to put an extra tax on soda pop here, but it never passed. Having diabetes, however, I do understand the reasoning behind it. If people have to pay too much for products with lots of sugar, maybe they won’t eat as much of it. I think they were hoping to find some way to stem the tide of that disease.

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    1. Cheryl, here it was all about making more money. Yes its bad here, little Freedoms these days. Children are now dictated to what they can have for Lunch. I am Diabetic too, but you act sensibly and watch your intake. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Mountains, all the wonderful fresh air, lucky you. Trusting you are alright, still problems with your medication? Did I tell you I am now on Gaberpentin (not sure have right spelling) has not helped spinal pain but feeling better in myself, energy coming back and going to bed earlier than I used to and sleep well too so thats something. Arn and the Family well I hope. Take care poppet.

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      1. Anna! I didn’t know you were diabetic, too! Type 1 or 2? I’m 2. I’m a bit familiar with that med. My mom was on it and so is my sister. Both for neuropathy in their feet. Cindy doesn’t feel like it does anything for her. Gabapentin is the generic for Neurontin. I’m SO glad to hear that it’s helping you sleep more. I swear! I think half our problems start with us not getting enough sleep. That and too much salt and not enough water causing swelling. We eat way too much salt. Our bodies need good, plain water to function properly — ALL our organs. And if we’re not getting enough water to rinse that salt out of our system, our bodies hold on to too much water trying to dilute the salt. That’s what causes swelling. The water in our body (isn’t is about 60% of our makeup) is too saline for our body to function properly. Causes a whole slew of complications. {{{Anna}}}


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