As a result of Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Children being attacked by a complete vicious nutter who is Left Wing and a dangerous man to be on the streets, more and more people young,  middle aged and even old are joining this Group.  So in fact all that the vile  man called Ian Bone from a group called Class War, typical Far Left Labour loony has done is  achieve more support for this great man Jacob Rees-Mogg.   Bone has done us a massive favour.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the next Leader of the Conservative Party, and most certainly if elected to that position, the VERY NEXT PRIME MINISTER  of the United Kingdom.  Mr Rees-Mogg will bring back the STANDARDS AND NATIONAL PRIDE to my Country that has been missing for so long.



“Rachel Urquhart We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our scallops, whatever the cost may be.”

2 thoughts on “MOGGMEMTUM

  1. Just what we need – a multimillionaire worth 100 million. I’m sure he’ll have the interests of us ordinary people at heart. Yes Eton and Westminster will have certainly put him in touch with ordinary people.
    He’s against gays, abortions, contraception, but for more military involvement abroad, for trident missiles, but against equality and human rights.
    He wants to cut benefits generally and for illness, he’s for the bedroom tax and voted against more jobs for young people.
    Voted against more tax for those earning over £150,000 (surprisingly eh?) and against taxing bankers bonuses. He wants taxation for the rich and corporations to come down
    . He voted to reduce corporation tax and not to close tax evasion loopholes.
    Just what we need – a self-serving toff!! An extreme nationalistic right-winger!
    Yes – give it to all those ordinary people!!! They deserve to die!! Who needs an NHS or schools?? Who needs police?? He has private ed, private health and private security. The rest can go get screwed!
    Roll on!! I’d vote for him to take over the Tories. He’s rip them apart and destroy the whole bunch of self-serving scum. Sink them forever!

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    1. Do you know I just read the first few lines of your response to me, and its the same old hatred coming out. The Hatred that Corbyn and McDonnell and that filthy scum that surrounds them throw around all the time. So what if Jacob Rees-Mogg has Millions, what are you jealous. So many British despise wealthy people. You never mention the scum in this Country who refuse to work who are taking millions from the British Taxpayers, like the girls who sleep with every Tom/Dick or Harry have 5/6/7 plus kids and people like me have to keep these, they don’t even know who the fathers are, no you don’t have an answer for that one. Nor do you or have you ever admitted to Corbyn coming from Millions, don’t you think he has it all stashed away, you never mention Corbyn’s schooling either – went to the local state school did he, like hell he did. You show so much hate for this Country at times I really worry about you, but you conveniently forget you got a FREE Education from the British Taxpayers, FREE University Education paid for by the British Taxpayers. When Labour were last in, they thought it so funny on departure to leave a note saying “Money all gone” and they were not joking, Labour do what they always do, Bankrupt the Country. What the hell do you think those Traitors Corbyn/McDonnell and their filthy scum will do, allow more immigrants in, hand out Tax payers money to Terrorist groups they love so much, hand out Tax Payers money to this crackpot group one after another and on and on and on. This Country needs a Leader that will put the GREAT back into Britain. Right now those terrorist supporter muslims are controlling too much, violence in Towns/Cities out of control, Prisons run by violent gang raping muslims – what more do you want me to tell you.

      Opher, you know you are wrong, you know what you are saying is just the usual labour rubbish thats spewed out. You don’t even check your facts. Whats shocking, or maybe not, is the fact that you harp on about Peace this Peace that, and you support Corbyn/McDonnell and thugs who are ANTI-SEMITES AND RACISTS. You support Corbyn who has the same Hatred for the Jews as Hitler did. Men (like my Husband David) fought and died for your Freedom, for us all. They would turn in their graves if they heard what Corbyn has planned. This is what you want to run the Country, oh yes they would betray the Country like they have done everything else. Unlike you I LOVE MY COUNTRY, and I will fight for it any way I can. We need Jacob Rees-Mogg, like BREXIT if you and others don’t like it feel free to leave.


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