This is the truth, this shows all those that voted Remain and LOST  are so full of themselves, so patronising, extremely insulting to those that voted for BREXIT, obscenely disgusting towards all those who shall I say are getting on in years. Perhaps they believe we should be put down, well if that is what they believe all those OLD ones that voted Remain should have the same treatment.

Do those morons who are still “throwing their toys out of the pram” because they lost the vote, really think that by saying the Older people who voted for BREXIT have made the younger generation suffer for the future.  I have one answer to that, apologies for offending, but I can’t think of a better word for those idiots who still are behaving like stupid, childish spoilt brats because they did not get their way, Bollocks.

When those overgrown spoilt brats pick their toys up off the floor because their votes lost, perhaps they might try and understand what the word Democracy means.  For their information here is the meaning of the word DEMOCRACY;


DEMOCRACY    –    “Democracy is a system of government in which people choose their rulers by voting for them in elections.

Democracy is a system of running organisations, businesses and groups in which each member is entitled to vote and take part in decisions.”

From Collins English Dictionary


Now perhaps if they read the above their full of c..p minds may be able to take the real meaning of Democracy in.

The older generation understand extremely well what Democracy means and they don’t need any insulting, patronising comments from those pathetic remainers on how the system works in Great Britain.  Right now Great Britain is a Democracy, the decent people of this Country are fighting for their Rights in this Country, everyday we are being trampled on even areas now are being deemed as “NO GO AREAS TO WHITES”.  Birmingham has walls that declare “NO WHITES ON THE STREETS AFTER 8pm” this is our Country, and we shall do everything within our powers to stop those  muslims who are hell bent on taking over this Country.

Young, Middle Aged and even God forbid we OLD ones voted for Brexit.  Remainers believe every single Young one voted to stay in Europe, well they are wrong.  Even places like HULL voted for BREXIT.



  1. That’s a great video, Anna. It’s the same here. Remember, Hillary called Trump supporters ‘deplorables’. The progressives (how’s that for an oxymoron) behave like petulant little children, and right now they’re having a tantrum. Hopefully, politics swing back to the center again, and normalcy is returned to society.

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  2. Hey Anna – I think if you read back through the words you’ve written you might find that it is you that is spreading the hate and derogatory remarks.
    I can’t count the number of abusive things you’ve written about remainers
    Toys out of the pram
    Overgrown Spoilt brats
    Move abroad if you don’t like it
    Pathetic remainers
    This is our country

    Then you end by revealing the racist Islamophobia that you deny. Incredible.
    As for the silly tirade from the aged Brexiteer – well that sums it up for me – arrogance and stupidity in equal measures with lashings of nastiness.


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