England, for I can only speak right now for the Country I was born, England has become a nasty, vicious place to live, its also become a very dangerous place to live with all the violence that goes on in London, I would not attempt to go up to London for a day out, as I used to.  I used love walking around the Galleries, Museums and  having Lunch, maybe seeing a play before making that long journey home, but now I would not feel one ounce safe.  You listen to those bad sports, those continually moaning Remainers on all those that voted to come OUT of Europe you will soon realise how vile some of these remainers are.  BREXIT to these spoilt brats who can’t comprehend the meaning of Democracy, is like a kick to a very tender part of their anatomy, they act and speak like lunatics, not making sense throwing spiteful vicious comments at one.

Here in England, there is NO free speech left, one cannot go to Hyde Park Speakers Corner anymore because every single day there are muslims there praying or whatever they do, where are the Police one asks – no where to be seen but I guarantee you put one Christian there put one Catholic there saying the Rosary, put one Jewish person there and the Police would remove them for upsetting the muslims.   Time the Police and all the authorities and the Government and all those sheep the Politicians and that extremely dangerous Labour Party with Corbyn/McDonnell and their thugs realised this is OUR COUNTRY NOT A MUSLIM COUNTRY, yet that is.

The Koran, all about Peace, is it??  The muslims that follow this to the letter throw Homosexuals off roofs to their deaths, they rape women they rape children, they rape animals, they slaughter the animals ALIVE in their British backyards.  Could you imagine any British person doing that in their back yards, the Police would raid them, their children would be taken in to care, the home taken from them they would be locked up for years.  One Rule here for the muslims and another for us.  Speak out and you have all those blindfold Left Wing nutters calling one Racist.  They really are blindfolded those that vote for Corbyn/McDonnell and scum as all sane people know the real Racists and Anti-Semites are Corbyn/McDonnell and their filthy thugs .  Therefore, vote for Corbyn and you are a Racist and Anti-Semite too.

I so desperately fear for my Country, and I cannot express here how many have echoed those exact words to me.  The Free Press no longer exists, the Media the biggest and most well known the BBC is so blatantly bias.  At BBC Headquarters they are advertising good positions, but they have put out notices that say “NO WHITES TO  APPLY”  stinks of South Africa, stinks of the days of “NO IRISH NO BLACKS” in landladies windows as my late Father who came to England from Eire in the 1930s endured.  This is RACISIM, but no its the BBC and they can get away with it.  You put a sign up on your business “No muslims” and you would be stormed by the Police dragged out and locked up and your business closed  –  one rule for us another for them.  I am furious at the injustice dished out to those who were born here White/Black/Asian all we see now are the muslims being rammed down our throats day in and day out, I am not criticising the decent muslims who are as in much danger as the rest of us, I am referring ALWAYS to those muslims who want to TAKE CONTROL of this my Country and Bring in sharia law and all their disgusting ways of life, the main ones Gang Raping Children and young girls, oh not gone away they are still at it, as secret documents from the Police have revealed, and we must not forget home bred Terrorism.

I never thought that in my lifetime I would see walls painted here on English Streets saying “NO WHITES AFTER 8pm”  –  “WHITES OUT OF HERE”  –   yet nothing absolutely nothing is done about it.  Here in GB we were used to seeing on the tv/newspapers those walls in divided  Northern Ireland, “SOLDIERS OUT – UP THE IRA” obviously the Catholic side then we would see “PROTESTANTS RULE – THE QUEEN”, but not once did I ever believe I would see “WHITES OUT” here on British walls   The Police as usual walk by, they should be doing the job we British Taxpayers pay them to do, their loyalty is to us the People not the illegals or “those” muslims.   Tommy Robinson’s Wife and Mother receive Death threats, they receive threats that ACID will be thrown in their faces.  The Police hand  leaflets to the scared, understandably both Mrs Robinson’s telling them what measures they can take over Acid being thrown in their faces  –  while their faces are burning and being disfigured  –  but the main point is the leaflets tell them that they must not retaliate they must not take any form of action against the filth that attacked them, if they do they will be arrested, its a crime.  What the hell do the Police think THROWING ACID IN TWO LADIES FACES IS??

This Country has a stench, a rotting stench that is not going away, and if Government, Political Parties and all those who think that they can keep on lying and making fools of the decent British People, think that the decent British will sit back and do nothing, they are mistaken.

When you have people who are as dangerous as that Anti-Semite/Racist Corbyn trying to vote him into power.  People need to take a really damn hard look at the truth behind Corbyn/McDonnell and all those evil scum behind them.  You may think I am exaggerating, I am not  –  this is how Hitler started, hatred for the Jewish people  –  here we not only have that but we have those who are so obsessed with hatreds for all those that voted for BREXIT.  Watch really closely, if you don’t know a great deal about Hitler and how he and his Evil Friends started then read about it, its creeping in here, too fast.

All the Political Parties have far too many members who have far too many dubious connections with nasty more than nasty muslim organisations/groups.  The decent British people are standing together we will not be bullied into giving away OUR COUNTRY.  Those pathetic bullies those Remainers cannot threaten or bully anyone who voted for BREXIT, the remainers are nothing but a bunch of moaning, miserable, sour faced, very few cells, t…s.

I will keep on fighting I will never give up my love for my Country or my beliefs that these muslims who want this Country will never ever succeed. Regarding BREXIT, David Cameron as Prime Minister told us to Vote IN or OUT was a one time Vote, there would never be another Vote.  So you tell me what is that these brain dead Remainers do not understand.  Deal or no Deal with those in power in the EU, Britain will go her own way we done it prior to entering the Common Market as it was then called and we shall do it again, we done it for quite some years when Hitler declared War on us – I was not born then but I know how this Country rallied together and fought and survived, they had Winston Churchill then.  Unfortunately, we do not have Winston Churchill now or Margaret Thatcher’s strength but there is one very Proud True Englishman that I believe should be given the chance of being the next British Prime Minister, and that is Jacob Rees-Mogg.   What I do not understand is all those sour Remainers who run this Country down all the time and insist we cannot cope without Europe.  Europe is terrified at what we have done and they know that so many other European Countries are desperate to get out too.  What did the EU ever give us, French Cheese, French Wines, German Beer, Belgium Chocolates, Dutch Bulbs.  Well we have fine English Wines, the most tender Welsh Lamb, Welsh Creamy Butter, Wales produces the finest foods, the finest Scottish Beef, and England produces so much that is excellent.  We can cope more than cope, so those Remainers who hanker so much to be part of Europe, damn well leave this Country and go and live in Germany/Belgium/France/Holland/Sweden/Denmark etc etc, the thing is though when this question is ever posed to them they never and can’t answer it, cowards the lot of them.

All those who want to visit here should be warned about the violoncello of London where they would take a risk, the violence all over the Country in fact.  Areas that they would not be welcomed in.  Just be warned as a Tourist what you will see will I expect make you wish you never wasted your money coming here.  This is Great Britain, the once Great Britain, but don’t worry the fright has just started and the decent British people have had enough of what we are having to tolerate.   we will put the Great back into Britain.






  1. Gosh Anna – certainly not the country I recognise. I love walking around London every time I go down to visit my son who lives there. We go round the galleries, to the theatres and eat out. It’s got a great feel to it. Very cosmopolitan. We’ve walked all over the place, down the canals, on the South Bank and through Hyde Park. We’ve never been so much as hassled once. What’s all this about no free speech in Hyde Park. I was there a little while ago and there was a lively debate going on and not a prayer mat in sight?
    Where are you getting all this rubbish from? Why are you putting your country down like this? Britain is a great place to live.
    I think you are letting your fear of Muslims to run away with you. You are conflating the radicalised ISIS scum with ordinary law-abiding Muslims. None of the ones I know are rapists or extremists.


    1. You always get such pleasure putting me down because you think you are the only one that is right, well you are not. You are no longer in your classroom with kids having to pay attention to you. Walk around parts of London with blindfolds on and you won’t see the truth. You won’t see a elderly woman punched in the face and thrown to the ground, you wont see all those muslims doing what they do and driving everyone else away. I NEVER EVER put my Country down, unlike you. I LOVE my Country and I defend it and the right of our Freedoms. Those Freedoms you find hard to understand like Freedom of speech which in far too many ares no longer exists. You do not tell the truth, because you would see I don’t say all muslims I specify you do know what that word means don’t you? Lucky you not knowing muslim paedophile gangs, unfortunately far too many children and young girls know exactly what they are like, girls being taken to wastelands by muslims and having claw hammers “shoved up them” to get rid of the child some dirty muslim paedophile has forced on her. You are like far too many of those lefties who refuse to see the truth. London is violent, the fact you pretend it is not you are ridiculous. All over the World people are aware how violent it is how useless that t..t Khan is as Mayor of what was once a fine City. Don’t you dare tell me about London I was born there.. Unlike you Opher I am a Patriot and I will fight anyway I can to put the Great back into Britain, unlike you who wants us still ruled by t..ts in Europe. Well we are OUT and will STAY OUT. I will tony allow those muslims who want control of this Country to have it, and I will fight for my Country until the day I die. Unlike you I really do LOVE my Country not Europe.


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