For those left wing people who constantly will not face up to the truths of what is going on in London what is going on in Great Britain, take a good look at the clip below and if you want more proof you can have it.  Don’t call those of us who are informing people of the truth, don’t you dare say we are not telling the Truth, the Truth is below, but undoubtedly there are those too blinkered to obstinate to admit the Truth.

Today, thanks to the Antisemitic, Racist Labour Party their Mayor of London that one and only waste of space Sadiq “yellow baby blobby” Khan he has done the once Great Capital of our Country, London proud.  Today it has been announced that the total of Murders in the Capital has reached ONE HUNDRED AND ONE.   By the end of  2018 one never knows we may have reached TWO HUNDRED AND ONE  maybe even more than that, not that Khan would give a damn, that slimy looking little t..d.

So when I say “Welcome to London” this is what is possibly facing you, you can see for yourselves.  I am not a Liar nor am I blind nor am I someone who is putting their Country down, to the contrary I Love my Country, I defend my Country and I will do all in my power to stand up for my Country for as long as I have life in me.   I do not sell out to Europe, I will not stand by and see Antisemitism, Racists taking control of this Country and destroying it, as Labour always do.  Its a strong British Loyal Patriot this Country needs not an Antisemitic and Racist and a man that the National Security Services of this Country are so extremely worried about.

Khan, Labours little toad and the utter mess he has made of the once fine Capital.

Before the accusation is made “well look who made it the BBC”  there is far more than this I could show.





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