They say more accidents happen at home, well I can say “its true”.  Silly accident or carelessness not too sure, but on Monday morning I was cleaning the bathroom, I was actually when the accident happened cleaning the toilet and had both the seat and lid up.  Suddenly the lids came down clobbered me right in the face in particular my nose and left eye, annoyed picked the lids up and started to commence cleaning the toilet again.

NO, down came the two lids again, this time I seemed to get an even bigger crash of the lids on my nose and left eye.  I felt dazed and very uncomfortable.  When I looked in the mirror the bridge of my nose was cut and my left eye all around it looked red.  I have a nice cut on my nose and a swollen eye which keeps watering and a little blurred this Wednesday.

My problem is in an hour or so I have to go to the Hospital for a Diabetic eye test, I had to cancel twice when I was rather ill in the summer, can’t cancel this.  Not sure what they will say at the test or what they will think, but if they ask I know they won’t resist laughing when I tell them “the toilet seat and lid hit me in the face”.

As my Sons said when I told them and they saw me “only you, only you”  –  I guess its true.



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