So here we go again, it may seem boring to some and to “others” its annoying that anyone should run down the Labour Party, its Leader and Shadow Cabinet.

Today we have one Emily Thornberry Member of Parliament for Islington South and Finsbury in London.  Now this woman is no ordinary Labour working class woman, as they like to portray themselves that is the Labour Party particularly under their dangerous Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Now as the greater majority of the British people know the Labour party is not the representative of the working class, of course there are those that are not astute enough to see the truth and there are those that know the real truth but prefer to stay blinkered because as they claim “the only true representatives of the poor the working class is Labour”, once upon a time a very, very long time ago that may have been the truth its certainly not now.



Emily Thornberry Labour Member of Parliament for Islington South and Finsbury. Position in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet “Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs” since 2016.  Now holding that position and suggesting that if Corbyn came to power and kept Thornberry in her present position, one can see that so much more money will be leaving this Country for this Dictatorship that Dictatorship that Corbyn admires so much in other words British Taxpayers money will be wasted.

Thornberry was born into wealth, typical Labour MP, understanding the Working Class and the very poor, right??  Thornberry was born in what is known as “Leafy” Guildford in Surrey.  Her Father Cedric a renowned Lawyer was The United Nations Assistant Secretary General.  Well, well not a plumber or brickie or any other working class manual worker  –  really understands the working class this Thornberry woman doesn’t she.

Thornberry’s mother Sallie and Father the renowned Lawyer Cedric Divorced when Thornberry was a child, she claims her family were so poor they had to get rid of the cats  –  my goodness I am weeping here as I type this.  Ask the real people Miss Thornberry who are actually poor, disabled etc have REAL problems what its like to be REALLY POOR.   Thornberry made up a story of “Bailiffs” coming to their house when she was young, now she says “it was a false memory”, what she means is she is a Liar.  She claims her mother was so poor, I bet what with a Father who walked away and a clever mother there was not a sizeable Divorce settlement for her and the children, a man who was a Renowned Lawyer a man that was  the United Nations Assistant Secretary General, oh please do you think we are fools, she may fool some, not all of us.

I did not come from a wealthy Family, my Father worked in Fords of Dagenham, Night shift, every night sometimes six nights a week, coming home 7am and going back to work 6pm, all my childhood was spent “don’t make any noise your Daddy is asleep”.  My mother cleaned peoples houses and some liked to gloat they had a cleaner and as I grew seeing how my mother was treated by some really upset me, made me I suppose political. In fact my mother always worked, when she gave up cleaning she worked for Sainsbury Supermarket in the Butchers packing the meat.  Yet I never came home to an empty house, she was always there.  We did not have luxuries, biscuits or cakes, my mother would make what was an Irish boiled cake (hated it|), Christmas we would have a Turkey sent over from my Uncle in Ireland, a Leg of Pork my mother saved for every week at the Butchers, a Tin of Biscuits, Tin of chocolates and Christmas Cake. I had one Doll and one Teddy they were my toys that was it.   Sweets were every Saturday morning when Daddy would return from night shift.  I never went to bed hungry always plenty of milk and bread with butter, children adapt and learn and do not waste like they do now.  We had no fancy soap in the house only the hard household soap, which was for washing hair as well.  We had no luxury toilet paper only that hard Izal paper.  I have a cupboard full of Andrex toilet paper now, I’ll never run short).  So I don’t need the likes of Millionaire Corbyn or Million Pound properties owner Thornberry to tell me what the working class are all about.   Its always those that come from comfortable backgrounds, went to Universities and have Degrees, take it for granted and wasted it all, like so many of the young that follow Corbyn those from rich Fathers who can always pay to get them out of trouble. Its these people who claim to support the Working Class, the poor the downtrodden, the Labour Party, such damn hypocrites that they are.  Living in their expensive houses in NICE parts of the Country away from the inner cities, away from all the immigrants that they claim to support.  I am very fortunate I live in a large house with gardens, my late Husband worked hard for it, I worked hard to keep it.  Those on the big Pensions from working for local Government/ Police/education/NHS  etc etc got the idea.

Thornberry is a sneering woman, she once made a disgusting sneering comment about the Working class, hold on are these not the very same people she and Labour purport to represent  –  where am I living?

This spiteful looking sneering woman even took a picture of the man’s house and put it on Twitter, it backfired and she was fired by the then Leader.  What was the problem, well for a start this man had three England Flags hanging out of his windows, there was a big England football match on, how dare he.  He really should have had the Swastika  flags flying, Thornberry and Corbyn and company would have enjoyed that and not complain.  This man also had, wait for it, a WHITE VAN  –  “no, no, not a White Van how dare he”, how common of him to do that, to actually have a Working Man’s White Van, because that is what he was, a Working Man, not like the majority of Labour supporters  on rich pensions or refusing to work and living on benefits.  Thornberry forgotten her own brother owned vans one white.



Thornberry became a Human rights Lawyer  and was in the same  Tooks Chambers as one Michael Mansfield QC famous for the headline cases he took.

Thornberry is known amongst other politicians as the “Metropolitan Elite”, really understands the working class and human rights then??

She married in July 1991 Sir Christopher George Nugee Barrister.  He is officially styled The Hon Mr Justice Nugee, a Judge of the High Court of England and Wales.  The second Son of Edward Nugee TD QC.  The Hon Mr Justice Nugee was educated at Radley College before going up to Corpus Christie College, Oxford.  Graduating as BA and was a recipient of the Eldon Scholarship.    So “poor, poor Emily Thornberry” chose a man with MONEY and TITLE, such wonderful ideals for a Labour woman and future Shadow Cabinet Minister.

The Hon Mr Justice Nugee paid £572K for a Georgian House, it was sold as part of a release of Social Housing stock on to the Private market.  The Hon Mr Justice Nugee did this KNOWING full well that Corbyn’s Party is opposed to such “sell-offs”.   Dear oh dear here we go again.  One rule for them, another rule for us.  Labour Politician Thornberry fully aware of this deal, against all that Corbyn’s Party, her party stand for.  What a vile disgusting act by a so called Socialist.  Cares about the working class cares about the very poor that she is always harping on about like the rest of the Labour lot under Corbyn.   What a bunch of P***KS they are.

Thornberry and Corbyn’s gang of so called “caring honest” Labour Shadow Cabinet Ministers espouse  all the virtues of Comprehensive Education and they condemn all those that either have the money, God forbid, or save hard the money, God forbid, to send their Children to Private Schools or pay for some form of Private education.  Thornberry  believes like her P***ks in the shadow cabinet espouse how good Comprehensive Schools are, “no one should go private”.

Unless of course you are members of the Labour Shadow Cabinet, and that vile disgusting woman Thornberry who sent one of her Sons to the partially SELECTIVE Dame Alice Owen’s school.  The Son to be followed later by the Daughter, the other Son, well she never mentioned him.   Private Education is on the cards then for Thornberry but anyone else who does that for the Children are WRONG, are they indeed.  This vile hypocritical disgusting two faced B***H.

Thornberry and the Husband own the following;

£2.9 Million Townhouse in the parts of now very affluent Islington.

£600,000 Flat in Guildford, Surrey.

£572,000 House in Clerkenwell, London.

and there are probably even more than that, not on record.

Is it any wonder Lady Nugee which is her formal title, is known amongst the Politicians as “Metropolitan Elite”, the Left Wing Labour Member of Parliament for Islington South and Finsbury, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs and sucker up to Corbyn.

This is the hypocritical Far Left Labour Party under that extremely dangerous Jeremy (three times married) Corbyn for you.    The Stench will never stop until the  Rats have left the sinking ship.








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