One of my Sons has just shown me the following and I was shocked beyond words, but soon recovered and made my feelings known as to what is going on in this Country of mine – the Country of my Birth England.  Any damn wonder that I voted BREXIT, our Borders should be closed sooner than later.  If I had my way they would be closed immediately.

A British Bank, Lloyds, has an approved sharia banking account and better still there are NO CHARGES, of course if you are not muslim you are just the stupid British that live in Great Britain and have a Lloyds Bank Account, YOU PAY CHARGES.

This is disgusting, this is shameful, this is atrocious, what the f**k is going on in this Country, is this Great Britain or is it quickly becoming an Islamic Country, well over my dead body I will fight and I am sure I am not the only British person that will not tolerate much more of the crap that is going on here in GB.

Just imagine if Heir Corbyn, Comrade Corbyn/Comrade McDonnell ever came to power, God forbid, they would turn practically over night the Country into a muslim state, then they would see blood on British streets.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, this is Great Britain, I live in England not some muslim state nor do I ever want to.  The People the ordinary decent hardworking people that are LOYAL to this Country, the people that are Patriots not those that condemn this Country want it to be all “happy clappy” with all the illegal immigrants, the decent British People will NOT tolerate much more.

Lloyds Bank should be ashamed utterly ashamed, what they really need whoever the complete morons who thought this idea up (muslims I expect|) what they need is a bloody kick up their arses.  This is Great Britain you obey our Laws, you do not have sharia law in this Country, you do not have this Country being turned into an islamic Country.  You under NO circumstances should be allowed to have “NO GO AREAS” put up by muslims as they plaster walls with the words “NO WHITES ON THE STREETS”.

Europe can keep their merkle who has destroyed not only Germany but the whole of Europe, France can keep that “little macaroni” macron who courts the press for more and more good pictures of him kissing muslims, Macaroni  Liberal who has ruined France and will not be satisfied until the blood will flow and flow on the streets of France.

My anger, and I am extremely angry is aimed at Lloyds,  what they have done is INSULTING to those of us who do not want this Country destroyed anymore, its already being ruined by all the mess that merkle has caused.  To add insult to insult Lloyds are not making any money out of these islamic accounts but they have the audacity to keep charging the British.  Thank God I don’t have an account with them, if I did it would have been closed the moment my Son showed me this news.

Below the following from the shameful, disgusting Lloyds Bank .


Features and benefits

  • Shariah-approved banking

    Following the guidance of Islam is an important part of everyday life, so we’ve made it an important part of everyday banking. Our Shariah committee of two independent scholars has guided us to create an account that’s right for you.

  • Banking in accordance with Shariah

    There’s no credit or debit interest, no Planned Overdraft, no minimum balance required and no charges for everyday transactions.

  • Your money used wisely

    You can be confident the money you keep with us will not be used for any interest-based or non-Shariah approved activities.

============================================================================ THIS IS GREAT BRITAIN, I AM BEGINNING TO THINK SHOULD WE PACK OUR BAGS OR GET READY TO FIGHT.




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