Well a programme I thought ended a long time ago is apparently still on tv.  What am I referring to, well the Australian most popular tv programme “Neighbours”.  I think my Sons used to look at it when they were much younger, I have to say it was not my “cup of tea”.

Found out yesterday that an episode has gone out and in a scene a sign could be seen “FREE TOMMY ROBINSON”, fantastic.  Now Tommy has made it onto a along running tv show.  What excellent good judgement on those that made and displayed the sign on that tv programme.  Such a sad World these days, I am sure some argumentative tv executive will have who ever put the sign on the show, sacked.

Too late though, Tommy Robinson has been featured on that programme.  Good to see that there are True Patriots the World over.

Nothing will make me take my Patriot Tommy Robinson signs off my Porch windows.

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