It’s lonely now

We should all take note of these words.

Friends without borders

I was driving yesterday, and from the corner of my eye I viewed something unremarkable.  Just an ordinary person.   No more, no less ordinary than me.  An elderly woman, she was just standing there, not really looking at anything, but rather just seemingly lost, like she was living in a time not hers.

As this anonymous person exited past my view, I wondered about her.  There was a time when she was a young girl, playing in the streets and backyards with other young girls.  There would’ve been a time in her life that she experience her first love, then her first heartbreak.  What adventures has she experienced?  What history does she recall?   What is her legacy?

I recall the soliloquy from Bladerunner, which has always resonated with me. The character, at the end of his life says “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the…

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