Two powerful Women both physically strong, both so determined to succeed and beat each other in their chosen career, striving for more and more success.  Both women secretly admiring or hating each other.

Like a see-saw, up and down they would go, which of the two women was best.  You decide.

They are dead now, those two powerful women and for those that will not recognise their names or even had a chance to see them perform up there on the big Silver Screen or on the TV showings of their work in the Golden days of Hollywood at its best, unlike now.  If you have never seen these two women perform then you have missed the greatest performances.

Ladies well sometimes they did not behave like Ladies, they were tough women who had to crawl their way or in the case of one “sleep her way” to the very top.  They only wanted to give the best performance even when the film was not that good these two women would turn their roles into unforgettable appearances.

These two Ladies had 3 Oscars between them but both longed to win 1 more just 1 more than her opponent.  Beating each other to more Oscars was not to be.  It was recognised that one of the Ladies was by far the best.  She had more Awards than the other, more accolades and a longer career.

Two powerful women in their own rights, yet there was something, something that they were both scared of  –  loneliness.  The public loved them, could not get enough of them, maybe it destroyed them both in the end.  Children yes, adopted.  Happy Family life, no not really, for one family life was played out in front of the cameras.

If you have not guessed, the names of these two powerful, brilliant Ladies;


I put Bette Davis first because out of the two she was my favourite and for me she was such a fine actor that did it all on her own.

A little true story from Samuel Goldwyn, he had spoken to Bette Davis in his office and rudely dismissed her as Miss Davis left his room she listened outside his door as he spoke to the other person in the room, this is what Goldwyn said;


“Who would want to fuck Davis, now Crawford,  YES”

Bette Davis was a Virgin and 22 years of age, its then she claimed the hatred for Joan Crawford set in.

Sadly we will never see the likes of these two great Actors ever again, but we can watch them on our DVDs on our televisions.  Two powerful women still there still performing still the BEST.


BETTE DAVIS  –   Born April 5, 1908 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.

Died October 6, 1989  Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

She was born Ruth Elizabeth Davis.  Married and Divorced Four times.  Three Children.  Active from 1929  –  1989.  Bette Davis had 2 Oscars.   On Miss Davis tombstone are the words  “She did it the hard way”.  One of her famous sayings, “Getting old is not for sissies”, how true.


JOAN CRAWFORD  –  Born March 23, 1904 San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Died May 10, 1977 (aged 73) Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.

She was born Lucille Fay LeSueur.  Married and Divorced Three times, her last Husband Died.  She had four adopted Children, the last two she disinherited and left just over £77,000.00 out of her several millions Will to the first two adopted children.  She had given birth twice to two children when she was young, and there were countless Abortions.  Miss Crawford was active from 1925- 1972.   Joan Crawford had 1 Oscar and she pretended to be ill in bed rather than attend the Oscar ceremony, she feared that my all time favourite Ingrid Bergman would win for “The Bells of St Mary’s”.  When it was announced that Crawford had won for “Mildred Pierce” she quickly applied all her makeup and called in the Press and then she “performed”.



I hope you will enjoy this little bit of nostalgia.

Bette Davis in the 1938 film   Jezebel, just brilliant.  (Thanks to Movie clips Classic Trailers)





Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce, same name as the famous film.  No one ever slaps Joan Crawford, and what a slap.

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