Daisy our rescue Cross Lurcher/Alsatian sound asleep on my youngest Son’s bed 6.30am October 4th.  Not a care in the world, but would soon wake if she heard crisp packets being opened.

So many Dogs, peoples Children, are being stolen in this Country, I would go off my head if anything happened to our Daisy.

If you know of any dogs that have been stolen please report it and most important of all if you suspect someone has stolen a dog PLEASE REPORT THEM.   Many thanks.




Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Andy Williams.  –  And its true our baby has the most fabulous Teddy Bear eyes (and those that know me I love Teddy Bears, all Bears). Thats when Daisy’s eyes are not asleep!!


“Please I’m tired I need my sleep, especially on this bed, wake me up when the crisp packet comes out”.  Daisy on my youngest Son’s bed.


4 thoughts on “OUR SLEEPING BEAUTY

    1. Cheryl up close she is really beautiful, its the eyes that get me every time. She wraps me around her paws. We have a spate of dogs being stolen in this area, somewhere there is a gypsies camp someone found their dog on the site and obviously had to pay to get it back. Its worrying, as Daisy loves sitting by the front gate but I can’t take the risk of letting her out. Supposed to have my hair done today last time May (being ill I couldn’t find the strength) just about to leave a phone call with salon cancelling, girl ill re booked Friday, its grown quite a bit. How are you coping? I saw the Dr. Friday/Saturday morning B12 injection (have to have them for life). How is the Family, love to all.

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      1. So far everything with me is copacetic. The fam is fine. Arn’s been downright ornery since the basement flooded. He keeps saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all!” Is that Irish, bac? Did I tell you we got our DNA tested through Ancestry.com and he is 50% Irish! Who knew! Now I know where HIS bull-headedness comes from! LOL


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