What exactly are all those who believe they have the right to tell us what to do what to think, what are they frightened of?   Well let me tell you, here in Great Britain we NO longer have what we took for granted once FREEDOM OF SPEECH, nor do we have the satisfaction of knowing that this Country was always regarded as a safe Country.  Now violence is common place in Great Britain, (knives/guns) especially the violence in  Labour Mayor Khan’s controlled area of London, more violent than New York, what a shock that was when that news was released some months ago.  Why is Khan doing  nothing about the everyday violence that takes place in every area of London, well simply he wants the ammunition for the next General Election so he can throw the dirt at the Conservative Party, saying “not enough Police”, well sorry chum that won’t work there are enough police, perhaps if they got out of their cars and made their presence felt the violence could be cut.  So Khan continues to do absolutely NOTHING about the every day violence.    “Welcome to London folks”.

Yet there is one major thing that all those who feel they have the right to control not only our minds but every aspect of our life, one thing that they are terrified of is the TRUTH.  The British public must never be told the Truth whatever happens, we must go along blindfolded.  Well there are those in this Country who find it easier to accept all the terrible happenings in this Country if they go around blindfolded, also brain dead.   I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE.

Many strange things happen in  this Country, we are watched, we are listened to, we are followed. Great Britain has more cameras on its people than any other so called Free Country.  There are enough of us who are not blind or deaf, we notice strange happenings, like large vehicles parked near our homes, blacked out windows, for days and days.  People come and go at night to this vehicle, then all of a sudden it leaves early hours of one morning, did they notice their licencee plate/tax disc details being taken down, windows looked through?  What has happened to my Country, what the hell is going on day in  day out.

Students are told they must no longer clap, you know simple clapping hands together applauding, whats wrong with that gesture.  Well all of a sudden its offensive “What Clapping Is Offensive”, what crap is this  now, what morons have come up with that mental idea. Yes, you guessed it the Left Wing arseholes.

Clapping is said to cause “mental strain to those that not only witness it but hear it” this is the usual ridiculous left wing crap that these lefties come out with.  Just think all those times I have stood in the Theatre to applaud those performers I have just watched, congratulating them for the enjoyment they have provided, even receiving a bow from Sir Derek Jacobi after I stood and applauded him for his wonderful performance in a play, other performers I have seen who clapped me back and smiled great moment for me, but to think I had caused “Mental strain to those there who had not just seen me applaud but heard me”, dear oh dear, what f*****g nonsense these lefties spew out.

So instead of clapping, its now said we must give stupid, utterly stupid “jazz claps”, to hell with that, I shall not be told by some leftist moron what I can or cannot do in showing my appreciation say to a performer.   This Country is tolerating such utter stupidity and crap.  Just imagine if Comrade Corbyn ever reaches No.10, there will be a mass exit from this Country, not just the Jewish people that Heir Corbyn and his filthy, violent, vicious thugs and followers HATE so much, but the decent hardworking British people as well.

Its well documented that “Speakers Corner” as we knew it is no more.  Its a fact that Hyde Park is taken over by muslims, by illegal immigrants, they even hang their washing out to dry on the hedges, where do they do their washing in the Water feature to remember HRH Diana Princess of Wales, the ponds?  Hyde Park as the other Parks are Royal Parks and therefore, come under the Royal Park Laws.  The muslims parade for their “Peaceful” what a joke that word is for them, prayers or whatever they call them, groups of them chanting preventing those non muslims to enter, as these so called “peaceful” muslims chant it can be clearly heard as they shout “ALLAH AKBAR, ALLAH AKBAR”.  This is Great Britain, these muslims hate it so much then CLEAR OUT.  This is MY COUNTRY, THE DECENT BRITISH PEOPLES COUNTRY.

Christians, Roman Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Methodists etc etc were to parade and say their Prayers there in gatherings at Hyde Park and I guarantee you the Police would move in and physically remove them  –  the muslims NO they make excuses for them, too scared that the Metropolitan Police will be called Racists, orders from high up   –  “do not upset the muslims, the British well f**k them, but the muslims protect”.    Well we have an official political party in this Country who are out and out Racists and thats the Labour Party, the Anti-Semites under Heir Corbyn.

This is Great Britain, this Country belongs to the British not the muslims, nor will it ever belong to them. The muslims have their own sharia laws I could not believe what I was hearing when I was told that and its not recent they have been allowed to have their sharia laws for a long time, disgraceful.  Would that mean if I went to live in a muslim Country I could insist of having just my British Laws, like hell I would be shot.  There are the Laws of this Land and we ALL have to obey them or face the consequences, but NOT the muslims they can do what the hell they like in OUR COUNTRY.  Go to a middle eastern Country and you face death or life in prison being tortured if you disobey their laws.  We have to tolerate muslims butchering their Animals, cutting their throats whilst still alive, all in their yards and what happens NOTHING.  The local authorities don’t want to know the police don’t want to know.  Be British and do it, you cut the throat of a screaming screeching-animal and butcher it in your garden, within ten minutes you would have the police around dragging you out of your house, the local authorities would get involved.  I am sick to death of one rule for the muslims and other rules for us.

My eyes were opened by a brave young man, in fact a courageous young man who lives his life being followed by the Police and the rest of them because they are frightened of him, frightened most of all by the support he received from decent British people in this Country and the World over.  This man, one TOMMY ROBINSON, yes and we all know about his past and thats precisely what it is his PAST.  Tommy Robinson did not Murder anyone, nor did he Rape a woman, nor rape children, or burgle houses or businesses.  Tommy broke the Law and he paid the price.  A law that is broken every day of the week by people who apply for Mortgages, even the Rich and the ultra Rich do it they even fiddle their Taxes oh yes indeed and get away with it.  But, the Police wanted Tommy Robinson, the Establishment wanted Tommy Robinson so they used this to lock him up and have used any excuse they can since then.  British Justice, not if you are Tommy Robinson or someone who speaks out and tells the truth.

Who are these obnoxious people to judge someone who made a mistake and is now doing SO MUCH GOOD, who the hell are we to say after someone has committed a crime and paid for that crime, that they have no right to rebuild their life.  Must they forever have it plastered all over the press, the tv, lefties spewing it around with such venom such glee as they do so, the answer is NO they have a right to “start again”.  Tommy Robinson is a clever man who has lost good career opportunities, people treat him like a fool Tommy Robinson is no fool, NO ONES FOOL.

Thank God for Tommy Robinson, thank God he opened my eyes as to the real condition of this Country.  Tommy risks his life every day of the week to TELL THE TRUTH, Tommy is so admired and gives us the strength we need, but he must also think of himself and his Family and we must learn to Stand up and be counted.   We must not allow ourselves to be bullied by the establishment, we must not let these lefties under Comrades  Corbyn and McDonnell and their vile, vicious, filthy scum that do the dirty work for them, take control of Great Britain.  Momentum and its Founder the Millionaire Jonathan Lansman Born July 9, 1957 in wealthy Marylebone, London.  Educated Highgate School, Private/Cambridge and Birkbeck Universities.  Father was a Conservative Councillor.  Lansman is Jewish, shame on him supporting Labour under Corbyn/McDonnell the Anti-Semitic Racist Party and Terrorist supporting party.   Lansman, the man who understands what its like to be working class, I feel sick.

There is absolutely NO SHAME in saying one admires Tommy Robinson, there is NO SHAME in saying that one loves one’s Country and wants the borders closed and wants our FREE SPEECH returned. The is no shame in voting in a “One time only” as PM David Cameron promised the British people a Democratic Vote, no shame in voting for BREXIT, I am proud I voted BREXIT and BREXIT is here to stay, so those that don’t like it get used to it.    I have read Tommy Robinson’s books I find absolutely nothing offensive about them and can recommend them to anyone.

What I do find offensive is Heir Corbyn’s  JEW HATING bile and all those of the Labour party the lefties who so obviously Hate all Jews.  This is how Germany was in the 1930s this is what Hitler determined for all the Countries the Nazis invaded and planned to invade.  For a once respected working class party the Labour Party could they fall any lower.  All those past Leaders of the Labour party like Callaghan/Kinnock/Blair who took  no action against Stalin/Lenin/IRA/Hezbollah and other terrorist groups admirer the disgusting creature Corbyn, the could have had him kicked out of the Labour Party, no instead they sat back and did nothing, now this Country faces all this s**t from Heir Corbyn and scum.  The lies from Comrades Corbyn/McDonnell’s big mouths  are outstanding, how they have the bare face to lie and lie even when caught out they continue to lie.


Tommy Robinson is the TRUTH and the TRUTH is what we are demanding, we are also demanding OUR Country back before it is 100% given away.  The establishment and all those others are terrified of Tommy’s strength, they are terrified that the British public, those that are not crackpot (and crack is the right word) lefties have woken up.  We will NOT tolerate much more, I have said this time and time again and I will never, ever tire from saying this;


“THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, not a muslim state nor will it ever be. This is a Christian Country, there will never be sharia law forced upon this Country.  We have the right to OUR FREE SPEECH, we have the right to walk on any British street that we want, not be told by muslim slogans on walls WHITES NOT ALLOWED ON THESE STREETS AFTER 8pm, or shouted at or forced out by muslim thugs.  We will NOT tolerate the FALSE Arrest of an Innocent man, put in front of a Judge, Found Guilty and sent to Prison and left in isolation not able to eat because of the constant threats of DEATH to him – all in the same day, whilst the media spew out their Left wing propaganda.   British Justice, it used to be now its all for the muslims and the rest of us British no matter what colour we are are treated like FOOLS.  Our Prisons handed over to the muslim gangs inside to run the Prisons, “become a muslim or die” thats what non  muslim prisoners are told.  This is GREAT BRITAIN, for God’s sake wake up those who refuse or are blind to whats going on in Great Britain.

The lefties in the Country are infiltrating the minds of the young, the Schools the Colleges, the Universities far too many that teach are pressing their left wing views on the youngsters.  This is NO longer a  free thinking Country.  Those that oppose what these so called teachers are doing feel scared to speak out for fear of retribution.  Those that choose to Teach should do precisely that Teach, educate young minds with real honest knowledge, not all the lies and threats of the Left Wing Nutters. This is Great Britain, the once decent honest welcoming Country, look at it now.  Imagine under Heir Corbyn what it will be like, a NIGHTMARE, a DISASTER, destroyed within a year, Bankrupt as Labour always do.

Where are the Police when the muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs are still operating all around Great Britain, the Police send “secret letters” to certain schools warning them of the muslim Paedophile rape gangs watching the schools, the police know who these muslims are yet will not arrest them.  WHY?   Letters warning of muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs are not good enough, let the police tell Parents they sent letters when their child has been kidnapped and Raped repeatedly and murdered by these muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs. We want action the police know who these muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs are, we want them ARRESTED AND IMPRISONED FOR LIFE.

The establishment, the media those lefties in the Jewish Hating Labour Party will not shut us up or tell us what we can or cannot do.







I Vow To Thee My Country  –  This has always meant so much to me. This is how I feel about my Country.    I had this played for my Husband, David’s Funeral December 1994 as he had served in the RAF.   I have requested it for mine too.         (Thank you to computerdude24)




  1. It’s the left and their irrational desire to undo all that it means to be a western civilization. As you’ve probably witnessed, the left had opted to go with ‘feelings’ rather than evidence in the Kavanaugh hearings. A principle that goes back to the Magna Carta, to be tossed out because these feckless liberals want to adjudicate with their ‘feelings’. They’ve taken over institutions of education, where liberal professors indoctrinate students with their ideology. I think that this is why so many suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. He’s not falling for it, and he’s doing something to the left that no other president has done before. He’s punching back. If there is a silver lining to all of this leftist mischief that is going on, is that the young are seeing this for what it is. And they will no doubt cause the pendulum to swing back to sanity. It may take a while, but this madness will end.

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