I toss and turn

how to tell you both

but mainly how to tell you



It happened

maybe thats not good enough to say

but I can’t turn the clock back

here inside of me

I have new Life


I’m scared I’m so scared

will you hold me

when I tell you

will you share my tears

and my worries


I will just have to come out

as straight forward as I can

and just say

“I’m pregnant”


As I lay here

both your words

resonate within me

“you ever bring any trouble

home to us, you’ll go the road”


Whats to happen to me

I’m so very scared

I know you Mother

your’e more worried

what the neighbours will say



Its a dilemma that happens all the time and are all parents understanding?  I always knew what my parents, especially my mother’s response would be, hence I was too scared of her to do anything.  As a Mother of two Sons, I always promised myself if they found themselves in a situation with a girl  becoming pregnant, I would support them as best as I could.  How many, maybe too many reject their Daughters when they really need that support, a new Life a Gift is to be treasured.  I so wish I had Grandchildren.



Brahms  –  Lullaby

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