Just a quick story about our dog, my Daisy my beautiful “Teddy Bear” eyes baby.  Yesterday evening when my eldest Son came home from work he said to me “I have something for you” and started to take a bag out of his backpack, immediately Daisy thought “right thats for me” because every Friday when the shopping is done there is always a toy for her, only this was Tuesday evening  – my hall is full of toys I try to walk over them without falling, fingers crossed I have been lucky so far.

When I opened the bag there was a gorgeous Brown fluffy bear inside, I love Bears so much – even at my age I still love my bears.  Daisy jumped up at me and it was “no she’s not having that, its mine all mine” I told her “no this is mummy’s not yours” but she was not going to have it, she sat up straight one paw handed to me then the other, “well” she thought “this will work, I can twist her around my paws she is so soft” but no luck I was not handing over the bear.

What next she slumps off into the hall and we hear her throwing herself down on some of her toys, when I went to look at her she had her head resting on one of her Lambs and those big Teddy bear eyes staring at me, I went over to kiss her and then the tears started.  I have never seen a dog that can cry but she does and Daisy usually gets her way when the tears start.  My youngest Son told me “give her the bear” my eldest Son said “no thats for you”, selfish was I as I kept the bear.

Daisy loves Salmon fillets and once a week she has cooked Salmon fillets, she had her fillets on Monday so instead my youngest Son opened up a new tub of fresh Crab which I had wanted for a salad, Daisy got her way she had Crab for her tea – but as soon as she smelt it “thats not salmon” and it was left and then thrown out.

You could say Daisy is one spoilt rescue dog, but she’s my baby so…………………………….  That evening when I had my bath she was outside my bedroom door waiting for me, she came in with me and started looking around my bedroom, I’ll give you one guess why?  That’s right, the fluffy bear.




All Bears are so beautiful and we must do all we can to protect them.

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