How I miss you

times I think of you

and speak of you

and remember the hours

we walked talked and laughed


My best ever Friend

my only true honest Friend

the years have rolled by

and you are now gone

but I remember those times


Innocent girl of 16

you much older

but we became friends

friends  to the end


Only you I could trust

you never once lied to me

you taught me so much

advised on so much

on you I relied


Michael I miss you still

often shed the tears

I hurt you deeply

I wanted you there at my Wedding

but I was refused


When we had our Sons

its you I  wanted as God Father

but told there were to be others

I know how these pained you

and I regret to this day

I did not stand firm


My two Sons loved you

as I love you

I always trusted you

and listened to you

except when it came to marriage

and I should have taken note


My dear sweet Michael

before my time comes

I will visit where they laid you

I will make the long journey

I owe you that

my one and only Michael

I still love you





Remembering Michael and how he loved Malta.     (Thanks to Joe Calleja)

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