So another damn waste of money being spent on a complete waste of space, the Queen’s Granddaughter and “toe sucking” Fergie and “obnoxious” Andy’s Daughter’s wedding in Windsor, someone who has never worked a day in its life just holidays and shopping with her sister another waste of space and such a sour woman.  Laughing today at the British Taxpayers.  We have had enough of our money wasted on that thing markle you know the “look at me, me, me, me and only me” that self centred gold digger.  Is it any wonder so many here detest the sight of that woman, now she expects the British Taxpayers to pay for a home for her mother when she comes here, she can stay at home or pay for it herself.  That markle one used her father took all his money and when he was of no more use to her she dumped him, just like she dumped the two or is it three husbands, and changed her religions like the wind.  That stupid boy who looks so bloody miserable and rarely sees his friends since he married the gold digger, according to them.  He could have had anyone, plenty of beautiful looking intelligent DECENT American girls or any girl in the World, no he chose someone who had no shame in stripping off in front of the cameras, she looks what she is.  That stupid boy thought with what was in his pants not what was in his head, and put his Grandmother in such a position she had no choice but to agree to that short term marriage, wait until a multi millionaire comes along and she is gone, sooner the better.

Now we have that absolute lazy thing the Queen’s Granddaughter, like her father laughing at the “stupid Taxpayers”,  refusing to cut down on the security the security that the Taxpayers have to fork out for, never mind “they are nothing they can pay” thats the Royals attitude.  When the Queen dies, that should be the very end of them.  To have to put up with “Tampax man” as King and that w***er of his as what, I leave that to you.  The woman who set out with him in tow to destroy a beautiful sensitive young girl and destroy her they did, do we believe the so called “Car Crash” like hell we do.    One day KARMA.

I shall do what I always do I shall be too busy endeavouring to tidy up my garden and washing/ironing than to waste one second of my time on these people that have never done anything.  I am sick of the Royalists who say “they bring a lot of money into the Country”, well they don’t and at the moment any Tourist would be completely mad to come to London with all the Violence, all the everyday violence that is going on all over London and its Labour Anti-Semitic Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan does absolutely nothing about all the violence.

This Country is in a dreadful state and not because as some idiots would tell you “Brexit caused it all” what a pile of crap that is, they don’t tell you that in the Far East massive contacts have been signed for business in this Country, the reason  they gave was whilst this Country was part of the EU they would not touch us because of all the ridiculous Rules and Regulations of the EU, now we are out and its Business agreed.  This Country is in a dreadful mess because the Establishment, right to the very top, are allowing those muslims to have too much to say.  What the hell are those in the establishment so scared of, they need to find their balls, if they have them in the first place.  This is OUR COUNTRY it does NOT belong to the muslims and it never will.  Allowing the muslim general council to DEMAND the sacking of a Soldier for talking to and having a picture taken with Tommy Robinson, I have never heard the like.  Now all British Soldiers have been threatened if they have anything to do with Tommy they will suffer the consequences.  More in the line of those pathetic creeps who give the orders and have never seen a days action on the battle grounds, more in their line to STAND BEHIND THEIR MEN.

Whilst this Country is suffering  the most horrendous violence vicious violence that I have ever seen, whilst the muslims are telling us what to do, whilst those spoilt brats who cannot accept a DEMOCRATIC Vote and want another chance carry on throwing their toys out of their prams, whilst we have the most ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST Labour Party under HEIR CORBYN AND COMRADE MCDONNELL where are the muslims objecting to them, of course not they want the deaths of all JEWS like Heir Corbyn and comrade mcdonnell who support the murderous Hezbollah.  We have the muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs still kidnapping and gang raping young White girls and I understand now, young muslim girls, still operating all around the Country.

Whilst all of this and more is going on in my Country we have this sham wedding that is costing people like me money, I don’t care how little the amount is from each individual, for me they are not worth it.  The husband to be is a millionaire like his father is, her mother and father they have millions, they should have forked out for this.  Its all about advertising, that creep Clooney is flogging his, is it Tequila, at the wedding, God it makes one want to puke

The homeless have been kicked out of Windsor and told “don’t come back” a lot of those homeless are former Soldiers who have lost everything, they put their life on the line for this Country and this is how they are thanked.  Far too many of them have PTSD, I know what they go through, my late Husband had it after being attacked and left for dead, then a year later a bad car crash, I know what PTSD does only too well.  All these homeless kicked out of the only place they have to sleep and live, so some pampered spoilt bitch can have her parade.  The day is coming when those so called “high and mighty” who look down on the rest of us, will get their comeuppance.    As I say KARMA.




I would rather watch this advert for PG Tips Tea.

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