I sit at my desk pen in hand

my thoughts of you

woke me this cold night


As the words spill onto paper

outside its looks somewhat light

suddenly there it is, the sounds

crying in the distance


I open the balcony doors

step out into cold and shiver

look towards the trees

there the sound is rising


Howling, crying

I strain to see between the trees

there huddled together

Wolves look towards me

still crying I am not scared


They appear frightened and hungry

they search only for food

their young left at home

here they gather protected by trees

finding my eyes


I look up and snow starts to fall

the Moon so large and white

I shiver once more the cold has found me

I hold my hands out

the Wolves run like packs of dogs


I return to write and think of you

where tonight does your head rest

are you thinking of me

where are you my love

so far away


In a distant land

hoping to return home

you do not hear Wolves howling

you hear the guns firing

stay safe my love


My mind on you my heart is yours

I long for your touch

to hear your words of love

like the Wolves going home

come home to me my love

come home to England



Thanks to Crabbymottram   –   There’ll Always Be An England  –  sung by the remarkable Dame Vera Lynn.  “These colours don’t run” as crabbymottram says, –   neither Will We, this is OUR COUNTRY.  They may burn OUR Flag, they may try to murder us, they may endeavour to force their sharia law on us, they may have their paedophile rape gangs destroying young girls.   But, they WILL NEVER WIN, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WILL ALWAYS BE OUR CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.         ENGLAND


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