As we quickly approach the month of November and Remembrance of all those that have sacrificed their lives for their Country, for all of us is it not time also to reflect on what is happening to Our Armed Forces, the disgraceful treatment of those that serve, of those that fight on the Front Line, not the top brass not those that have all the titles and sit behind their comfortable desks dispensing out orders, sending men and kids to their deaths.

Do we not ALL of us owe a great debt to all those that joined the Armed Forces those that are prepared to go out and fight and risk their lives, those that survive and come home, far too many with limbs missing, perhaps all their limbs, those that suffer with PTSD and other mental illnesses. For that is what having a mental problem is “an Illness” nothing to be ashamed of nothing to shy away from, it is not a crime it is a “Cry For Help” that these brave men and women and young kids are calling out for us the Country they have served to help them.  What is done, NOTHING, in fact if there is any action taken to help these brave courageous people, its too little.

I am appalled every day when I read that another serving or pensioned off Soldier has committed Suicide, is homeless.  Why, well ask yourselves its simply this “too many in particular those in charge have turned their backs on them, these brave, courageous men and women and kids did the job did the dirty work for the top brass who sit sinking down their whiskies/brandies etc whilst the others risk their lives, and for what.

For what, I ask, a Country that seems as each day goes by less grateful to them.  Those of us that care are in the minority.  Well I am grateful, so extremely grateful and Proud I could never have done what they are expected to do and do carry out, they did the dirty work now forgotten.

Its not just here in the United Kingdom that Veterans are being treated so shabbily, I was shown a clip from someones phone last night, an American Veteran, one could see that he had physical problems as a result of protecting his Country.  He was in a restaurant ordering food, the girl serving him on seeing his, I suspect credit card, she mentions that he was a Veteran, therefore, receives a discount, brilliant thats nice gratitude from the restaurant.  But, wait, this bitch steps forward this loud mouthed cow speaks out and lays into the Veteran for having a discount she says things like “because you are a veteran doesn’t mean you can get a discount” she was complaining she actually had the fucking gall to complain that this brave young man who had fought for his Country was receiving a discount.  I cried when I saw it, what the hell is wrong, well let me tell you its all these Left arseholes who have destroyed the Western World with their crackpot ideas “this crap that crap” destroying the fabric of every Country, the decency of every Country causing bitterness.  If I had been there I would have found it extremely hard not to have said “have you fought for your Country put your life on the line NO of course not, so shut your bloody mouth”.  The Veteran apologised to the lady behind the serving counter and with that the loud mouthed bitch left with her pals still moaning still complaining as she left.  KARMA KARMA, God I hope so.

Here in the UK whats happening, well our brave courageous Armed Forces are being treated like filth, NO Fresh food, Army rations when the Lads are abroad, not fighting a War but still on plastic bag food army rations. Top Brass have that too, like hell they do.  One Toilet between FORTY FIVE MEN, obscene what the hell is going on.  –  “Die for your Country, return home, thats if you do, with limbs or all limbs missing, be kicked out of the Armed Forces, end up homeless living on the streets, end up in Prison that happens to far too many brave courageous men, end up drunks, have PTSD”.  –   THATS THEIR THANKS FOR PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR OUR FREEDOM.   This is not just about money this is punishment this is not caring enough about those that are the Brave ones, not the bosses. People complain, people like me complain and will continue to do so.  Others don’t give a damn about these Men, Women and young Kids who are prepared to die for their Freedom, they fight their continual ridiculous battle of “No to Brexit, support Corbyn”, the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST HEIR CORBYN, says an awful lot about those that support such a Racist party as the Labour Party, what Racists they are.    I much prefer to support Our Armed Forces.

The Soldiers are not allowed to think for themselves, as you are no doubt well aware by now, they are being punished for seeking out Tommy Robinson, having pictures taken on their phones with Tommy Robinson.  Tommy Robinson is not a Murderer, not member of a muslim paedophile rape gang, in fact it was Tommy who highlighted first what was going on in Rotherham, the hotbed of muslim paedophile rape gangs.  To listen to those never ending winging morons of the Anti-Semitic Racist Party and all those Racists that follow them, anyone would think that Tommy Robinson is the the Devil incarnate?????  I guess thats why Tommy has so much support not only here in the UK but ALL OVER the World, thats why Tommy has the support of so many Leaders in power, thats why Tommy is regarded as a TRUE Patriot.  I know who I would prefer to give my support and loyalty to, a True Patriot, certainly not the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST party run by Heir Corbyn/McDonnell and all those sheep racists that go “blah blah blah” every time  one of Heir Corbyn’s moronic members from Momentum and “campaigner (what a joke “no hate campaign” and they are so ANTI-SEMITIC, makes one want to puke) speaks.

The top brass at the Army have totally underestimated the feeling in the Country, the feelings of their men and women under them, its spiralled all out of control for the top brass.  Its an utter disgrace that the top Brass of Queen Elizabeth II Armed Forces take orders from the muslim general council how to discipline and fire British, BRITISH Soldiers.  Has Heir Corbyn said anything NO, have all those “blah blah blah Anti-Semitic Racists that call themselves Labour Voters said anything, NO of course not, they are totally, totally GUTLESS. They have NO Balls.   At least I am not gutless, I speak out, I support 100% Our Armed Forces, My Country, BREXIT and last but not least Tommy Robinson.  I also wear my Red Poppy with Pride, as I remember my late Husband and how he served this Country in the RAF, he not only wore his Red Poppy with Pride he wore his Medals with Pride. I Remember and thank all those that have given their life for my Freedom (thats being eroded unfortunately, the situation in GB) all those that will do so and those that suffer every day and are forgotten.


I would like you to read the following, it comes from Sunday October 21, 2018, The Sunday Times Newspaper.  I quote;

Five men who served their Country on the front line have died suddenly in tragic circumstances over six days, exposing the scale of a mental health crisis gripping Britain’s military veterans.

The five, who died between September 26 and October 1, served in campaigns from Northern Ireland to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  An investigation by The Sunday Times also found that 42 former and current servicemen and women are believed to have taken their lives since January.

This weekend, following questions by this newspaper, ministers announced a study into the “cause of death, including rates of suicide” among veterans who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014.

Campaigners say the plight of thousands moire veterans is being ignored because of governments failure to monitor how they fare on “civvy street”, Ministers are accused of abandoning veterans, leaving many suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to join long queues for NHS mental health services.

This weekend we launch  a campaign for the government to start recording the number of suicides among ex-servicemen and women as a first step to improving mental health care for veterans.

The Ministry of Defence,unlike in America. does not collect comprehensive information about veterans’ deaths.  British coroners do not record whether cases had previously served in the Armed Forces.

“We would like coroners (here) to be more aware of suicides (among) ex service people,” said Viv Johnston, whose Son Danny, an ex-special Forces Soldier, took his own life in May.  “Until we understand the problem we can’t begin to address it.”  She said veterans in crisis should be able to access specialist care quickly.


Finally, we are very good in this Country about arranging studies into this and that, and never doing anything.  I ask every time and will continue to ask “Why are OUR Service Men and Women made to wait for Urgent care from the NHS.   WHY WHY WHY?   I will be called a Racist I suspect for saying this, but I really don’t care.  The illegal immigrants, the muslims they get all the treatment on the NHS  FREE whatever they want, when they want.  Doctors Surgeries are full of new patients not our own but from elsewhere. The elderly in far too many parts of this Country are being kicked out of the surgeries that so many have been with all their lives, for these illegals etc.

When Our Service Men and Women are crying out for  H E L P,  why are they being ignored why are they made to wait, some never get to see that  H E LP  they desperately are crying out for.   T H E Y   K I L L   T H E M S E L V E S.

Time those who show no respect to Our Service Men and Women did so, time people like Comrade Corbyn of the ANTI-SEMITIC Racist Party spoke out to support Our Service Men and Women instead of “fighting for justice for the Palestinians and supporting Hezbollah, the IRA and other murdering Terrorist Groups, that our Lads and Lasses fight against to Save Us.   Time the Queen made her views known (which I doubt she has) one way or the other, even in private. The Service Men and Women (as she calls us all her “subjects”, she is Queen of this Country the Country these Service Men and Women fight for, Die for, KILL themselves after.


Is it too much to ask of this Country for EVERYONE to show their LOYALTY their  APPRECIATION to all these Service Men and Women.





N O V E M B E R   W E A R   T H E     R E D   P O P P Y    W I TH   P R I D E




I do so hope that all will spare a a few minutes to look and listen to this.  It is Important, this was yesterday October 23, 2018 outside the Old Bailey, where Tommy Robinson appeared.  Please listen to the Truth and emotional statement by the former Serviceman.   (Appreciation to Mark Braithwaite)



    1. Many thanks Rob, the disrespect by far too many here in the UK is appalling. We cannot repay that debt to all those regardless from what Country they came from, they laid down their lives for us, we owe them never to forget. Sorry I am behind in answering all your blogs but I have kept them and will endeavour to catch up, too much time on twitter, just been “disciplined again by them for 11 hrs+”. Take care of yourself Rob.

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