Just another day, just another RAPE  Just another young girl Raped and Murdered in Sweden. But, not just Sweden all over Europe these barbaric illegal immigrants are RAPING and in many cases Gang Raping young Girls/Women/Children and Animals. Don’t believe me, then you need to wake up, I can show here pictures of Dogs/Sheep etc that have been destroyed literally destroyed by being Raped by these filth.

Just a few minutes ago I was shocked to come across a picture of a young white girl, what else, laying dead on what appeared to be waste ground, in a Swedish Town, standing over were the Police, I suspect the Police.  One could see quite clearly this was a young girl, she was naked from the waist down, her jeans her panties down to her ankles.  The “perpetrator” as its stated, in plain speaking the filthy Somali illegal immigrant scum repeatedly raped this young girl. This young girl undoubtedly suffered not only physically thats only too clear but mentally screaming shouting, crying out I have no doubt, but this filthy stinking Somali bastard carried on.  I make NO apology for my words NO apology for my INTENSE ANGER.  If I had a Daughter (regrettably I lost one) this could have been my Daughter my child, my Granddaughter –  your Daughter your child, your Granddaughter what would you do or say, “don’t blame the poor immigrant its the girl’s fault” the stupid bloody spineless no balls Left Wing view.

This young decent clean girl did not ask for this, NO Girl, NO Woman, No Child or Animal asks for this unnatural, or to these illegal immigrants its natural their damn Koran tells them that.  Oh there will be those and I can think of some already who would have their ridiculous answers for this, there criticism of me, go ahead criticise me, but whilst you are doing so just think of a young white girl ANY girl laying there on wasteland her trousers and panties around her ankles her bottom raised and that sick, sick filthy scum Somali RAPING HER AND RAPING HER, RAPING HER AND RAPING HER OVER AND OVER.

He RAPED this beautiful child until she DIED, Raped to Death I have never heard the like and to look at that child and to imagine the horror, I wish to God I could have a gun and shoot that bastard in the head.  BUT, this Somali was not finished, oh no after continually RAPING this Child to  D E A T H he then proceeded to RAPE HER  OVER AND OVER  AND OVER  AND OVER  AGAIN.  The Child was destroyed, a human being no doubt a good girl from a good home taken off the streets as these scum do and  –  RAPED TO DEATH AND THEN AGAIN AFTER DEATH HE RAPED HER ON AND ON.

I have chosen not to put the photo here of this young Swedish girl, it is extremely distressing, but it is available if people want to find it.   I believe what I have said is distressing enough its probably even a lot worse than what I have written here.


Anyone who thinks these illegal immigrants have a right to come to Europe, they had homes they should go back, they are not wanted.  Merkel welcomed them then bloody well take them in her home and see what they do, hope she has no animals.

I live by the Sea, those scum only have to cross over from Belgium and we all know that Belgium has been virtually handed over to illegals, the Country is out of control, they could sail here and land on our beaches thats how close we are, those that sit in their little hamlets and pontificate about all the goodness of these illegals and everything else, have NO idea what the hell they are talking about.  Try living in London, not the posh upper class twats areas, I’m talking about the East End the South/North of London people terrified not only of the violence but the begging, the scum on the Streets of London even Regents Street.  These pontificating lefties morons have no idea whatsoever.

How do the Police tell the Mother and Father and Siblings and Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Cousins/Friends that this beautiful Child has been butchered, destroyed by this Somali filth, how do they tell them she was RAPED OVER AND OVER AND OVER  AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL SHE DIED THEN REPEATEDLY RAPED AGAIN.  How does the Mother and Father and Siblings hold that Child kiss that Child live knowing what their Baby went through.  Could you live with those thoughts of the last hours of your Child in the hands of Somali SCUM Raping your child to death and even after her death.  I could not.

What I saw a while ago will never, ever leave/my memory the tears are blocking me from seeing clearly what I type, my anger is so raised.  I shall never forget this INNOCENT CHILD on the dirt with no dignity, the horrifying, brutal obscene, torturous death this young girl had to endure, then the indignity of `soiling her body even more after death.  If caught, if ever and I don’t know if the Police have him, he should be put to death suffering.


Below another Town, another Country, protesting and gathering in  silence for the Murder and Rape of another Girl another White Girl, this time a German Girl. When is Europe going to wake up when is the fight back going to come. When are the  barbaric filthy illegals going to be sent back, across the borders again, if they refuse to go, then shot entering controlled areas.  My Father would always say to me when we would discuss History and World Affairs, that “Germany rose twice girlie, they will do it again, who knows when but they will rise again”.  I know my Father was right, Germany will not take much more, Belgium have given in the muslims are virtually in control, France well “little man macaroni” loves them so much he has destroyed France completely, will France join in the fight, she will have to.  Great Britain, I weep for her she is being destroyed day in day out`, those blinkered lefties who refuse to see the truth think, Heir Corbyn the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST and his thugs are the answer, hell NO.   There is a STENCH in my Country and enough people have taken more than they can, the British Soldiers are being treated like shit, the police no one has confidence in  them, they don’t care to do the job we pay them to do, I feel sorry for those decent Cops who try desperately to do the job but are losing.  Who could blame the Soldiers, the Fire Men if those Police who have secretly stated they can’t take anymore they receive no help, if they all walked out, enough is enough.

We have the shame of Great Britain, we still have going on every single day, the muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs taking young white and now Indian girls off the streets and Gang Raping them, even murdering them, and the Police well “Where the bloody hell are they”????  The local authorities who should care DON’T CARE.  The Government do NOTHING. The Opposition Party under Heir Corbyn the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST Leader of Labour keeps his mouth shut along with his Brigade of BROWN SHIRTS.   People like  Lefties labour twats criticise these young girls “they are homeless trouble making girls etc etc” so therefore, in those morons eyes they believe these girls “get what they deserve”.  REALLY??

People have never forgotten how when the Russians captured Berlin they Raped every single Woman and young girl, old Ladies they could find, regardless of age, they Raped their way through Berlin.  Some called it “the spoils of War”, I called it the barbaric behaviour of scum that could not would not control themselves and wanted revenge at any cost. Yes I know what the Germans did to Russia and I most certainly do not condone that savage behaviour, and we should all know that Russia suffered more Deaths than than any other Country that was involved in the War. I admire the Russians for their fighting, their strengths, their determination to save their Country. But, I do not condone what they did in Berlin.  Here muslim paedophile rape gangs “if” caught are put on trial, get bail from a moron Judge and with the police guarding the house the convicted muslim paedophile rapist walks out the front door two suitcases and gets in a car for the airport for Pakistan.  Good job the police did?????? Still the muslim paedophile rape gangs are working all over this Country, day in day out, night in  night out little girls as young as 10 and older girls raped by how many men, do you want to say I certainly don’t. These p**s raping destroying, even murdering innocent children. This Country lets it go on and on and on.  Thanks to Tommy Robinson  who never let up on revealing what these p**s are doing, for this Tommy is persecuted.

How long more will the decent People of Europe tolerate this, how long more does the establishment going to the very top think that we the decent people of Great Britain will tolerate all that is going on in our Country.  The Raping of Our Young Girls.


Finally, before I end, I reflect on the image of that beautiful young girl TORTURED TO DEATH AND AFTER BY BEING RAPED.    Please I ask, regardless of your Faith if you indeed you have a Faith, just spare a few moments to Remember this Child in your prayers.   Thank you.






Before any pontificating Far Left Labour supporter gets onto me saying “you know who the  AfD are”, yes indeed I do they are an alternative, they are Far Right – of if you want they are RIGHT in what they are saying.

Remembering another Woman/Girl/Child Raped and Murdered in another Town, another Country by another ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.    When will it end, who will end all this?    WE MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER AND WORK TO TAKE OUR COUNTRIES BACK.


  1. This is what happens with open borders. This poor young girl, a victim in the big game of politics, where death is considered as nothing more than collateral damage sd part of the bigger agenda – Globalism. Prayers sent for this child.

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    1. Thank you Rob, you are so lovely such a kind Gentleman. I know I came over so angry I am, still so shocked, we have to do something Rob, Europe is well do I say more or less had it. This Country of mine there is such a stench in her, I hear people saying “Revolution coming” maybe thats the answer? GB won’t, can’t go on much longer like this. Thanks Rob.

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