She walks alone

along the lonely street

she turns “is it him” she asks

the mist is falling

its hard to see


She stands and stares

the man passes

glances her way

its was not him


She walks on

the tears drop slowly, she’s lonely

“maybe tomorrow” she says

she hears footsteps

but too light to be his


She remembers

how they would walk fast

along this street

reach their flat

and run the stairs


Alone at last

together in each others arms

making love all night

safe and warm


Her head rested on his chest

his arms enveloping her

those warm hands stroking her skin

his soft lips kissing her body

how safe she felt


His strong body laying next to hers

his thighs strong her slender fingers

stroking his thighs his flesh

how wonderful it all was


Now she stops “why rush back” she asks

he is not there

“Sukie is” she says

the Black Cat he bought her

“now its we three” he said


She turns one more time

the mist thicker she strains to see and hear

if he is running after her

“No” she sighs

and on she walks alone


Just a lonely street

in a lonely City

for a lonely woman

longing for the man

she loves



Frank Sinatra  “Strangers In The Night”  –  reminds me of the very handsome, lovely man that bought me my first record, this.  A long time ago now, but I smile and Remember.



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