Buy a RED POPPY and Remember all those that Sacrificed so much for US ALL in all the Wars.  Today I was disgusted to learn that Author Simon Jenkins said its time we all forgot about Remembering all those that died.  He is a complete idiot, his words are worthless like all those that show such disrespect to all those Brave Men and Women throughout our history that have given their Freedom, left their Loved ones back at Home and gone to foreign soil and fought for their Country  tragically paid the ultimate price.

My late Husband David took part in World War II he volunteered and joined the RAF, he was sent to India the Burma Campaign. He never said an awful lot to me about what went on, perhaps because I was nearly 29 years younger and he thought I would not understand fully.  I asked him questions, I read as much as I could and I knew my History and I always, always felt so Proud of all those that went and fought to protect their Country and maintain OUR Freedom.  When our young Sons came along on Remembrance Sunday we would attend the local Remembrance service, lay our Cross and bow our heads for the two minute silence.  David would wear his medals including the Burma Star he was so proud off and rightly so.  When he died in 1994 I passed his medals onto his young Sons and on Remembrance Sunday we attended the service and his eldest Son wore his Daddy’s medals with Pride.  I always was and always will be so proud of my Husband’s War Service.  I had an Uncle who was a POW in Changi, he suffered dreadfully, he suffered I believe for the rest of his life.

So for me I find it very painful indeed when people say like Jenkins, “its time we forgot”.  We must NEVER EVER FORGET, its disgusting that anyone should even think that way.  No one wants War no one wants to see people Dead but one must ask the question “is your Country worth protecting?” if you think not then why are you living in that Country.  Obviously the answer is YES and She has to be protected.  I have never believed that Men should go to War for King/Queen and Country it should be just Country, but its not for me to really say how others should think.

November is the month in Great Britain to REMEMBER all those that Died, The Royal British Legion make and sell the Red Poppies, the Poppies that flowered again on Flanders Fields after the First World War ended.  I am fully aware there are those that want to wear a white Poppy, for me that is so wrong, they who prefer the white poppy tell themselves it represents Peace, no it does not its an insult to all those Service Men and Women who even to this day are prepared to go and fight for their Country to leave their loved ones in order to maintain our FREEDOM. It is a slap in the eye to all those that have Died, all those that have returned home physical or mentally damaged.

The Royal British Legion collect a £1 (not very much is it) for a Red Poppy and the money goes to help those Veterans.  Sadly this government, the entire establishment to the very top seem to cast all the Veterans aside, but there are those amongst us who will raise our voices until they are heard in support of all those Veterans and their families who need help.

In America they support their Veterans, the NFL I understand are doing an awful lot financially to help these Brave Courageous people.   The FA here are doing NOTHING and appear not to give a damn. The spoilt Footballers earn obscene money and could well afford to Donate to Helping Our Veterans.  At every football match this November there is a Two Minute Silence that Silence should be for all those that fought and Died in the Wars, no firstly its for a football manager a foreigner who died tragically in his Helicopter, then secondly (good of the FA to remember) for ALL THOSE THAT FOUGHT AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY.  The FA need to get their priorities right. The American people respect them and Remember them.  Australia and New Zealand Remember them Honour all those that sacrificed their lives.  Is it too much to ask for Great Britain to show the same respect.

Sadly there are people who would rather wash their car on Remembrance Sunday, this coming Sunday November 11 is the exact date at 11 am that the Guns fell silent in the First World   –  100 Years ago on this Sunday November 11, at 11 am  PLEASE REMEMBER ALL THOSE MEN, SOME NEVER EVEN HAD A GRAVE.

I wear my Red Poppy with Pride, I Remember David my Husband and I Remember all those Men and Women who Died so I could be FREE and I Remember all those who came home, some forgotten some so badly injured or mentally damaged what we have to do   IS  HELP  THEM  ALL.

The excuses made by those who refuse to wear a Red Poppy but instead convince themselves by wearing a White Poppy its for Peace are kidding no one.  They give the impression that those who wear the Red Poppy and some have said this as well, means those doing so are encouraging and condoning Wars, utter Rubbish.  They have no understanding of the Word Remembrance.  The Red Poppy is for REMEMBRANCE AND TO REMIND US OF THE DEBT WE OWE TO ALL THOSE THAT  PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE.

We must Remember all those from far afield who fought in Wars together, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, all parts of Europe the African Continent and so many many more Countries we owe debts to all those who fought and died so Bravely far away from Home.

In my Country GB there are far too many who have NO respect for this Country and its History and its Bravery of Men and Women still to this day prepared to fight for Our Freedom.  There are too many who abuse the Flag of this Country.  Yesterday I hung the Flag of My Country outside my House, someone entered the grounds of my property early hours of the morning and pulled down the Flag, there are not enough words to describe what I feel about that scum.  I placed the Flag up again and it will Remain, its the Flag of the Country I was Born in, the Flag of the Country where I will die, the Flag of the Country where my Heart is.









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