“Do not stand at my Grave and weep

for I am not there”


Beautiful words meant to comfort, and they do, they were said to me many years ago now.  As I recall these words what I don’t want to see is the hypocrisy of certain individuals who will walk out of London’s Home Office on November 11 to stand in front of the Cenotaph and wait for the TWO MINUTES SILENCE  and Remember the Sacrifices of all those that gave their lives for their Country, for ALL of US for Our Freedom for OUR Freedom of Speech that is so easily being given away today, despite the Sacrifices, the blood that was spilt of all those we should be Remembering.

As the Prime Minister and certain Members of her Cabinet walk out and the PM lays a Wreath on behalf of the Government  (and its people not sure on the latter) she bows her head and Remembers, we then have the Parade of what I will only call Hypocrites and Traitors to this Country, I refer specifically to;

A    Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party – the Anti-Semitic Racist Party

B    How this man has the gall to stand there facing The Cenotaph and then approaching it, bowing his head and placing a Wreath on behalf of his party, the very Party that is to be investigated for its Anti-Semitic behaviour, the party that bans all Jewish Journalists from attending any Labour Press meetings.

C    How can Corbyn face The Cenotaph with all the Flags of this Country flying all those old Soldiers, and now young Soldiers, limbs missing, Blind, Deaf, PTSD, Homeless, unwanted Patriots of this Country, Heroes of this Country, how on earth has Corbyn  got the gall to watch them.

D    Corbyn knows damn well what he is, the man who invited the IRA Terrorists to Westminster, the man who to this day still welcomes the friendship of the IRA, the man that to  this day supports the IRA, but wait not just the IRA but Hamas and Hezbollah and I have no doubt all the other extreme Left Wing Terrorists Organisations around the World. Never forgetting the IRA that Corbyn still retains close links with that attempted top Assassinate Our British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.


The Cenotaph is to REMEMBER ALL THOSE THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES, not cowards like Corbyn.

When Corbyn talks of handing back The Falkland Islands to Argentina, NO NO NO. Too much Blood was spilled from these Islands of ours.  Corbyn loves Argentina so much, go live there Traitor.

When Kay Burley reporter from Sky TV makes a disgusting comment about a True Hero Simon Weston and all the terrible scars he was left with, as a result of a fire on his Ship in the Falklands War, when a woman of her calibre whatever she thinks she is, makes such a deplorable comment, she should have been sacked on the spot, NO she was kept on by SKY News.  I no longer will look at Sky News, in particular that ugly old bag that should have been fired.

Did Burley go to the Falklands, did the husband/boyfriend?  Of course not, so easy to mock a Hero who went to War.  Well Simon Weston did along with all the other Courageous Men who went there some never to return.

Corbyn is so insincere he has NOT ONCE spoken about the dreadful treatment OUR Soldiers are receiving, the ration food they are being forced to eat, the Fresh Water that no longer is supplied, One Toilet between 45 Men.  Does Corbyn care, NO he does not.  He only cares for his own for the Palestinians for this cause that cause, mainly to do with anything to do with anything FAR LEFT.  He is a very dangerous man.

Corbyn standing at The Cenotaph is as bad as watching Blair standing at The Cenotaph, the man with so much blood of Our Boys on his hands, sending them to a War based all on LIES.

Sunday November 11 at 11am Corbyn standing at The Cenotaph is nothing but hypocrisy.



W E A R   T H E   R E D   P O P P Y   W I T H   P R I D E




2016 Remembrance Sunday   The Cenotaph  London

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