Here we go again the Far Left, Comrade Corbyn’s Anti-Semitic Racist party who by the way are under investigation for the Racism, and the spewing of vile hatred for this Country for all we stand for. Most of all their hatred for Our Armed Services and Remembrance November.

Now they have gone beyond it with one of their own strong supporters going too far with his utter filth and Treachery.  I refer specifically to one Aaron Bastani a slimy creep if there was ever one.

This bastani who runs the Far Left Wing Nova Media sits there with the press, like most of these hard Left labour creeps pontificating.  I quote the following from his big mouth;

“Absolutely sickening that as a Country Britain spends £45 million on Poppies to feel good and help a worthy cause, while 13,000 ex Veterans are homeless”

“Poppy appeal is grotesque it has a kind of triumphalist militarism to it  –  its Racist  Right  its White Supremacist”

This bastani also demands that the Royal British Legion be dissolved.  That the Invictus Games be stopped what he had to say about those games was revolting.


No.1   No one in this Country who buys a Red Poppy and Donates to The Royal British Legion does so to make themselves look or feel good,  nor do they do it because they want to encourage War.

No.2    The hard Far Left have nothing else but to bring into a conversation the word RACIST, every time these Far Left will throw the word Racist in  –  how rich is this coming from the party that is so ANTI-SEMITIC the party that BANS all Jewish Reporters from any press meetings they have.  RACIST, who are the real Racists Heir Corbyn/McDonnell and his followers. Racists yes the Labour Party.  Right, no we are not Right Wing we are just Right in our believes that Heir Corbyn and regime would destroy this Country within a year.   White Supremacist I just had to laugh when I saw this, just for this bastani or any of these Racist Labour lot to come out with those two words is so pathetic so completely stupid, brain dead morons.

As for the Homeless Veterans who is responsible to help them those in the entire establishment, you want hypocrisy then look  no further than Buckingham Palace and the fact that the Homeless Veterans that sleep around the area are “shoved off”, when we had two Royal Weddings here at the expense of the British Taxpayers, that money I feel would have been better spent on securing Help for all Our Veterans the Royals yet again rid themselves of all the Homeless Veterans, all the Heroes that have fought for this Country.  Its like saying “fight for your Country, die, and the thanks you get is a kick in the arse”.  Its a fact the most money collected for the Poppy Appeal always comes from the people of this Country, the wealthy people like the loud mouthed Labour lot bastani like the Millionaire Corbyn for example how much do they give, you would find £1 or £2. The so called celebrities the FA they could all give in extremely large amounts, no they just talk.  The decent people of this Country that do care about the Veterans about Our Armed Services Act not Talk.


To insult all those that have fought in every War on foreign soil and here at home in Northern Ireland, we must never ever forget their Bravery their Courage. The debt can never be repaid.

I was born after the Second World War brought up in safety in the 1950s thanks to all those that gave their lives so I and all here in GB could enjoy Freedom.  Its not much to ask to show respect.

My generation remember or should have some recollection of the Korean War, Kenya, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, The Falklands, Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan how many more does trouble across the World end, NO Our Men and Women who serve this Country do their duty they protect us all at home, to insult them for me is a Treacherous thing to do.

Cowards like that filth bastani can sit there and pontificate all he likes has he the guts to fight for his Country no, he hates this Country, why the hell does he and all those other Far Left morons who betray this Country every time they open their BIG mouths, stay here, they are not wanted so just clear off to Europe or the middle east.


Every one who buys and wears a Red Poppy with Pride does so to Remember all those that Gave Their Lives for Us to Live.  It is a mark of respect. If the labour Racists can’t understand that then leave the Country go to your Communist Countries and the middle east, see how long they survive there.





bastani with his friends ANTIFA protesting, what else  –  the face of the Anti-Semitic Racist/Communist Labour party, this is what could happen to this Country.  KEEP THIS FILTH OUT.



    1. Well said Rob, here in England the violence is out of control, every day an attack, murder or rape in London, not the place to visit. Today we had Our Remembrance Service, the crowds there were large, so much for diversity, none, except those who have come to this Country legally and have accepted the Country’s ways, so accepted they are. I read that in a Town in the North East one Memorial Service had to be cancelled because bigots turned up and protested and the Service to Remember all those Brave Courageous Men and Women who Sacrificed their lives for us was stopped. Disgusting, this Country I cry for every day its being handed over Rob by the entire establishment, to those “things” even the Queen again could not be bothered to lay a Wreath at the Cenotaph that gormless son of hers did it, but this afternoon/tomorrow she will be pictured out riding in Windsor, like she did last year. Who cares for those that gave everything for Us All who cares for the Veterans who need help and their Families, us the decent people thats who. Someone said to me this Country must bring back Borstal and I would not care what rough treatment these lefties/thugs received. Look after yourself.


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