Yesterday as we stood for the Two Minute Silence here in the once Great Britain and remembered all those that Died and served their Country, our personal thoughts to flooded our minds remembering those we loved who Died serving their Country, or those that Served their Country.  I thought of my Husband David who served in the RAF in the Burma Campaign, I thought of someone else who served in Korea.  I did what I always do on this occasion I cried and I cried again when I watched the March Past at The Cenotaph, to see all those wonderful Men and Women Proudly displaying their Medals and Ribbons marching as they did all those years ago still in step, sadly now many in wheelchairs, even young Men from recent Wars in wheelchairs but proudly displaying their Medals their Caps.  I felt so humbled by them I still feel so humbled and I cannot thank them all enough for all they have done and will continue for the rest of my life. Thanking all those fine Men and Women in Service today, what they will do in the days and years to come.

Yet I have to say as the Remembrance Service began and the Wreaths came out to be placed at the foot of the Cenotaph, I was appalled and so VERY ANGRY and still am EXTREMELY ANGRY that the head of this Country, the Queen like last year when she used the Husband as the excuse for not doing her duty and laying a Wreath at The Cenotaph, decided yet again she would not do it instead that Son of her’s did it.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Yes I am aware the Queen is now in her Nineties but she is still the Head of State and its what we expect, and no doubt what Men and Women who have served their Country expected.  Men in their late 90 s travelled from far afield to be there and to March  MARCH and if they can do that all she had to do was walk out of the Home Office stand at The Cenotaph be handed her Wreathe and lay it down on the top steps.  Too much to ask.  Well MILLIONS upon Millions in two World Wars, and Wars after like Korea, Aden, Kenya, Suez, Palestine, Northern Ireland, the Gulf, Iraq/Afghanistan (not in order I suspect) and many many more Wars MEN DIED WOMEN DIED in the service of this Country.  They gave THEIR PRECIOUS LIVES, their Families gave their precious Sons, Husbands, Brothers they made the Sacrifice and for the Queen to pass her Duty to her Son was NOT ON, NOT ON AT ALL.  What ever respect I had for Her yesterday morning disappeared for good.

Last year the Queen used the excuse the Husband was not well she could not leave him, he was so bad was he? The next morning the Queen was photographed Riding in Windsor Park. Today, Monday is she out Riding again, probably.  Able to do that but NOT capable of standing there yesterday that very special day not just Remembrance Sunday but the ONE HUNDRED YEARS since the End of the First World War. It was a beautiful morning bright with sun a really lovely November morning and she could not even lay her Wreath personally.  SHAME ON HER.   The Men and Women who have Died in the Service of this Country, and especially those in the First World War who DIED FOR KING AND COUNTRY, her Father, they all Deserve BETTER.  I was ashamed and disgusted and so dreadfully angry between my tears my sobbing I felt so upset for all those Heroes all those Veterans that were there, those at Home, and for all those that SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES.

I will, I suspect, offend some well I make no apology this is how I felt yesterday and this is how I feel today and tomorrow and every day when I think of her.  Able to be a member of the Beiderbecke Group thats carving up OUR Countries but paying respect by laying the Wreath to those that GAVE THEIR LIVES SHE OWED ALL THOSE MEN AND WOMEN THAT MUCH.


Now we pass onto more disgrace at yesterday’s Remembrance Service.  When the Politicians trot out we have Prime Minister Theresa May lay the Wreath on behalf of the Government, always dressed so elegantly and she is so respectful.  Then we had, NO SHOCK HERE, the Labour Party Leader none other than the Lefties man Jeremy Corbyn, dressed smartly  –  you must be joking, it was obvious the moment he walked out that he had dressed to make a point to be so DISRESPECTFUL.  Dressed in a grey duffel coat complete with hood, RED not Black or even Dark Tie but RED to show what he is a communist in all he thinks and does, then to cap it all his Black yes he did manage to put on Black shoes they were FILTHY, even the cameras picked that up. His trousers looked as though they were two sizes too big gathered around his ankles.  He was an absolute disgrace and his DISRESPECT  for all those that have Died and all those Veterans and those that will possibly Die in the future could not have been more obvious.

This extremely dangerous pathetic little Far Left Anti-Semitic Leader of Labour is hoping to be the next Prime Minister, this Country is in a dreadful state right now its like My Country is being handed over to those “things”, it appears and feels that all those that should care have abandoned us and we have the danger of Comrade Corbyn being in charge of Great Britain, he will destroy us within a year.  Take a close look at picture number One below, so much for diversity.

London’s violence is now completely out of control, the Mayor one sadiq khan Labour Lefties what else does nothing just “something will be done” what he means is “I blame the Tories for it”. Our Country is shamed every day of the week in every City and Town allowing OUR Young Girls to be Gang Raped, Used and Murdered by Paedophile Rape Gangs, some have been prosecuted, not enough. The Police know where they are and who they are, but we must “not offend them” .  We are the SHAME OF THE WORLD allowing Our Children to be Gang Raped.


I return again to yesterday and the People of this Country, the decent honest hardworking people who have had enough who are watching their Country being betrayed by their establishment and higher.  Yet these very people from all over this Land from England to Wales to Scotland to Northern Ireland they REMEMBERED THOSE THAT SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES FOR US ALL.  They Remembered them in such the most astonishing ways.  Here in my little Essex Town, a Seaside Resort.  From the Pier to the Beaches to the Gardens on the Promenade to the War Memorial Garden to the Town to peoples Homes and Gardens and Streets and not forgetting because despite this Country being betrayed we are still and will remain CHRISTIAN the Churches where Bells rang like they did all over this Country.  Streets renamed to Honour those from Towns and Villages and Hamlets where Men left to fight and Die in the First World War.

I have never made any bones about not liking where I live, and I know its very pretty by the Sea and I am rather lucky compared to some people where they live, but I never thought I would say this  –  I am SO PROUD of this Town and what they have done and so Proud of all the people for all they have done to REMEMBER THE SACRIFICES MADE FOR US ALL.  Unfortunately, we don’t always see what people are really like and this has proved to me that this is a good Town a good Seaside Resort to live by.  Indeed I am lucky to be here.




L   E   S    T       W    E       F    O    R    G    E    T






Drum Major Scott Fitzgerald Coldstream Guards  The Band of the Grenadier Guards  and  Senior Drum Major W02 Damien Paul Thomas  Grenadier Guards leading The Band of the Irish Guards




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