The Poppies sway side by side

in the November wind

as though like Soldiers

in the Trench

talking to each other


Hows your Mam

Hows your Dad

hows the Wife and kids

they ask each other


Just talking

lighting  cigarettes

another morning

in the trench

in the mud and blood


All those days are gone now

but we must Remember

these Brave Men and Boys

who gave their all

for Us to Live


So the Poppies still sway

side to side they go

perhaps the voices can be heard

of Jim, Bert and Tom


Wear the Red Poppy with Pride

and Remember forever

those that Died




L  E  S  T        W  E        F  O  R  G  E  T





Appreciation to  THE  ROYAL  BRITISH  LEGION    –    The White Cliffs of Dover and Home for far too many they never came Home, but we must REMEMBER Them All.



  1. The more I read about The Great War, I see the depth of the tragedy, the attempt by Germany for a quick military solution to the long-standing friction between her and her neighbors and rivals, France and Russia. The solution, invasion of Belgium to conquer France, failed, thanks to Great Britain. She entered the war to defend Belgian neutrality. The sacrifice of Britain was based on the principle that treaties matter.
    The war was an enormous tragedy, at one level.Yet it was a tragedy precipitated by a) terrorism in the Balkans and b) German overreaction (aggression)by the violation of Belgian neutrality.
    Britain did an honourable thing. We must always remember that on Remembrance Day.

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  2. Every year at this time, I am always reminded of why I am an Anglophile. The Brits and Their Majesties’ governments have done unbelievably stupid and down right stupid things over the centuries, but democracy, the rule of law, and fighting for a noble principle are part of Her Legacy.

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    1. David, its so sad here now in Great Britain, the establishment not listening to its people, there are going to be such fights here one can see it coming. I read today in Birmingham Residents in one area have set up a 400 strong Vigilante group to protect themselves from all the violence that goes on. London’s violence is completely out of control, the useless mayor does nothing. Speakers Corner the police ignore the gatherings of muslims burning our flag flying their Terrorist flat and chanting Allah Akbar, you trying flying the St George Cross Flag, I put one outside my House someone entered my property early hours and took it down, I put it up again. We are the shame of the World allowing our young Girls to be gang raped by muslim paedophile rape gangs, so little is done, its shocking here. I am so sad for my Country, sooner rather than later we are going to have to fight for our Christian Country. The entire media are Far Left. We fear the extreme Far Left Comrade Corbyn of the Anti-Semitic Racist Labour Party getting into No.10. Now we have the betrayal of BREXIT. I voted for BREXIT, I know the PM in very difficult position but she gave way to that lot in EU. Great Britain is SO VERY ANGRY and very very sad. All those lives sacrificed for Our Freedom and lives that will continue to be sacrificed, for this?


      1. There is an American professor, Dr Steve Turley, who regular comments on the rise of the traditionalist, nationalist political movements in Europe on his YouTube channel. He is thoughtful, intelligent, reasoned. His analysis is that the Corbyns and Mays, Macrons and Merkels of British and European politics are rapidly losing ground.
        One more thing, I know the gun control laws in the UK are much stricter than here in the States. I wonder how aggressive the radical Islamist gangs would be if every home in Britain had a firearm and a person living there who knew how to use it?


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