November 22, 1963 Dallas a day that will linger for ever in the minds of those that heard the news that day, all over the World.  A Tragedy to this day that one regrets, Hopes and Dreams wiped away by Assassins bullets.

President John F. Kennedy the youngest and the 35th President, charming, handsome, debonair and a womaniser that has to be admitted, but somehow history has forgiven John Kennedy for the latter.

As a young girl living in England I was captivated by this oh so handsome President of the United States and his most elegant, charming, sophisticated First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. For me she was one of two of the best First Lady’s the White House saw – Eleanor Roosevelt was the other.  Along with their beautiful two Children they captivated the hearts of the World and held it all in their clasp, for such a short time the World was a better, happier place to live, it had so much Promise and Hope, thats what I I feel when I look back, thats what there was to look forward to.

England where I was born and lived was still, a dull looking Country still recovering in little ways from the War, the War that Heir Hitler’s Germany was determined to destroy but with Sir Winston Churchill at the helm and the Proud British people (unlike too many now who want to give away GB to Alcoholics in Europe), being young I was taken with all that President Kennedy had to offer the World.  I fell in love with the idea of America that Country where anyone can succeed if you work hard enough, my interest in America started with President Kennedy and still exists to this day.

Sadly that was not to be, the World changed that instant at 12.30 pm Central Standard Time  when Assassins not only murdered a fine young President but destroyed the Hope the Dreams of so many around the World.  The World it seems not only lost Jack Kennedy but lost everything young people looked forward to.

The World instantly became such a much sadder place not just because the President of United States had been Assassinated but because Jack Kennedy brought LIGHT into the World.  For me there has always been something missing since John Kennedy Died on November 22, 1963.  His younger Brother Bobby Kennedy celebrated his Birthday on November 20 and when years later Bobby Kennedy announced he would run for President, the LIGHT was lit again, the hope the dreams for all those that felt they had lost it all.  The excitement of another President Kennedy, was to be short lived, as we know another Assassin waited hidden amongst people and gunned down Bobby Kennedy on June 5, 1968 at 12.15 am in The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angelas. Bobby Kennedy Died 1.44 am June 6, 1968  in Hospital.  The Dreams, Hope and Promise we felt had been resurrected now fades again.

Its hard to believe that it is FIFTY FIVE YEARS since President John Kennedy was Assassinated, the years roll by we get older and we look back and remember, and for me tears come  remembering how it felt to be alive and to think that what I might be able to do in this Bright New World that President Kennedy promised.

I remember the fear of the Cuban Crisis, I remember the “Advisers” that were sent to a Country not many had heard of, Vietnam.  Just like the Falkland Islands here where this Country went to War, most thought the Falklands were somewhere near Scotland, of course we soon learned the Truth and the Horror, like America did with Vietnam.

Had President John F Kennedy lived, would the Vietnam War been stopped, I believe the President would have stopped it, but then we all felt that John F Kennedy could work miracles.  Somehow it did not seem to matter that JFK was Democrat or that President Reagan was Republican, for me I Vote for the Best for the Party I believe will do good.

America we saw changed, there was an Innocence that seemed to disappear from America, here too in GB all seemed to change some not for the better.  The World moved on and Wars became the norm for so many Countries.  I recall President Kennedy when he went to Berlin on June 26, 1963 and spoke those famous words “ich bin ein Berliner”, its now said he made a gaff, but it does not matter.  Look how many years later and how many deaths before that Wall came down.  Under President Reagan (another Great President), Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Gorbachev of Russia and Perestroika changed the World, History was made yet again.  That too was a good time to be alive.

Now the World, OUR Countries are torn apart and why because of a another mad German, Frau Merkle and her little french cock puppet macaroni. Countries overrun, violence and rapes becoming closely the norm.   November 22, 1963 did more than Assassinate President Kennedy it destroyed all the Hope we had for our futures for our Countries.

I read every book I could find on President Kennedy, and when I finally made that trip to America I brought back as many books as I could on the President,

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, SHOULD HAVE BEEN BUT WAS NOT.  Dreams can never be taken away like memories, and my memories of a President, JFK, young and handsome who came to England and charmed us all who went back to where his ancestors originated from, Southern Ireland and well we all know the reception he received.


November 22, 1963 at 12.30 pm, in  Dealey Plaza,  Dallas  –  A date, a place and a time that we will always Remember and a Fine young President, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.






The Inaugural Address of the 35th President of The United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.                                (Thanks to MCAmericanPresident)





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