“WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER”  –  the famous words of one of the most remarkable men of all times, Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston Churchill stood alone, enemies all around him, even at the beginning at the Palace, the King. Yet Churchill knew he was right despite all those enemies that were pushing for him to accept there was no option but to talk to the biggest enemy of all, Heir Hitler and his Nazi regime, Churchill knew he may have to capitulate to what his enemies/colleagues wanted yet inside of himself he was fighting knowing that it was WRONG there should be NO SURRENDER.

As we know from history Churchill spoke to the people that really mattered, the ordinary British people the people on the streets.  Not one told him to SURRENDER to the contrary they told him, they the people would NEVER EVER SURRENDER, THEY WOULD FIGHT ON THE STREETS TO THE END.

Churchill wrote his famous speech and delivered it to a packed House of Commons, “WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER”  it was then as it is now one of the finest speeches ever written and delivered.

There are those in Great Britain who are not Loyal to this Country, they took from it they still take all it has to offer yet when it comes to defending Great Britain they prefer to be loyal to outsiders those in the EU and those illegal immigrants that have not only been allowed to flood Great Britain and are bankrupting us, but the entirety of Europe.

The decent hardworking people of this Country, the people who voted Democratically two years ago to Leave the EU, BREXIT  are now on their own.  This Country is being given away or maybe has been given away. Not just to those in the EU but to those who have been given and gained far too much power in this Country.  Too many MPs on both sides of the House have too many dubious connections, mainly in the Lefties side it must be said.

There are people who abuse people like me, I make no bones about the fact I AM PROUD TO BE BRITISH I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY, why should I bury my head why should I allow others to verbally abuse me, I don’t and I won’t.  They are ignorant and no more than bullies.  Quite ironic when a not only supporter but admirer of Comrade/Heir Corbyn calls one names as RACIST/FASCIST/FAR RIGHT WING/BLACK SHIRT/LIAR – now for those who may not know Black Shirt represents the Oswald Moseley party that existed in the 1930/40s in Great Britain.   Sir Oswald Moseley compared himself to Heir Hitler of Germany and his Nazi Party. Such the Socialist, Jew hater and hater of the entire”establishment” yet he took the “Hereditary Title” his Father had passed down to him, such hypocrites these socialists are  Now you can see how ridiculous that is to be called a Blackshirt when I do not support or would ever have anything to do with the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST Labour party headed by Comrade/Heir Corbyn, the very unintelligent remark that came from that bullying  individual, comes from that individual who is an admirer and supporter  of the ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST labour party, Comrade/Heir Corbyn’s party, now what does that make that individual who likes to name call and bully me?   –  “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

Whilst the United Kingdom is being divided, being torn apart and given away by the entire establishment etc and those regardless of their politics for that must be said. People should also be looking into the fact the there is a very dangerous group who control the World who have the final say on what happens to the Countries of the World to the environment, the water in fact every single thing.  That name is the BEIDERBECKE GROUP, if you don’t know who they are I respectfully suggest you read up on them. Queen Elizabeth II of GB is a Member of this group and she attends, thats a fact. There are Kings/Queens/Heads of States/Financiers and the most powerful like Soros, name ring a bell.  Yet above this dangerous BEIDERBECKE are “The Seven Men” who have the ultimate say, but who are they??

I see that Trudeau of Canada is hell bent on allowing more and more illegal immigrants – these are not people fleeing War Zones or death every day, these the majority are migrants, time people woke up to this fact. Trudeau is doing to Canada what Frau Merkel and her little French p****t macaroni have done to their Countries.  Germany, Towns that decent people once knew gone/destroyed by the amount of illegal immigrants, violence not stopping, RAPES of Women etc on the increase. Hushed up by the far left media all over the World.  France, riots by the people, there are illegal immigrants who terrorise the elderly the women children. I have seen the truth, I can be called a liar fine do so, call me a racist fine do so, but I will tell the truth and those morons that want to bury the heads to the TRUTH can do so.  THE TRUTH ALWAYS HAS A WAY OF FINDING ITS WAY OUT.  The Left or Liberals as some call them have undoubtedly RUINED the Countries that they control, the evidence is there to see.  People around the World are gradually waking up to what immense damage has been done by these Far Left/Liberals who are in charge.

The people here in GB who have been betrayed by them all, we know we are on our own, like Churchill who stood alone but then he saw and heard that the ordinary people of this Country stood behind Him, they gave Him the strength to FIGHT ON to Save this Country, and together He did, THEY DID.   People call it The Dunkerque Spirit, and one Friend said to me “that Dunkerque Spirit is not here anymore”, but it is, “look around and you will see it you will hear it, it has never gone away”.

Those that want to continue to BETRAY this Country, can do so, they love the EU so much but when put to them why don’t they go and live there, they never have an answer, they just pontificate as usual.  The bullies can never answer the Truth, they live on lies they live on the idea of a perfect “happy clappy world,  a rainbow land”, THAT CANNOT BE IT NEVER WAS, IT WILL NEVER WORK.  TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT Europe, TAKE A VERY GOOD LOOK AT GREAT BRITAIN, and you will see the Truth staring you in the face.  The once Great Capital of Great Britain, London, no more.  London known now for its violence.  Everyday a stabbing a death, a mugging, a violent attack regardless of gender, Rapes, people robbed on the streets beaten up in majority of cases. As a Tourist you DO NOT WANT TO COME TO LONDON, think of your personal safety.  Khan, the lefties labour mayor, blames everyone else except himself, does nothing just talks, Blames the Tory cuts, thats  just easy for him, its not the cuts its what he has done to this once Fine Capital, those that voted for this, I hope they are satisfied.  Khan can spend millions on water fountains for themselves and  “gender toilets”, I ask you!! – typical Lefties labour nonsense and complete waste of TAXPAYERS MONEY by the labour lot, nothing changes when Labour hold any power.

So there we have it, the once Great Britain seems to have lost the GREAT, but we have to put it back.  The decent hardworking people who voted for BREXIT those that want to have the Country they have been Loyal to the Country that they Love back, well we have to do what the Great Sir Winston Churchill did, “we have to fight on we cannot give in”. For me Great Britain is worth all I can do for Her, she has given me everything I once took for granted, because it was all there the Freedom of movement, the Freedom of Speech, our Security, feeling protected, feeling that whatever happened outside of this Country, Great Britain would be there to look after me. To not be afraid of speaking one’s mind, fearing that around every corner someone is listening/watching waiting to report one – remind you of anything??

London, the City I once worked in for so many years, the City I loved so much, the City I would wander around after work never fearing for my safety.  The City with its incredible Museums, Galleries, Theatres, shops, Restaurants, Pubs and so much more, more than I can mention.  The City with its Monuments, its Historic buildings, the wonderful architecture I once saw. London’s History the envy of the World.  Last time I was in London, entering the City I just filled up with tears when I saw what had been done to Her.  Monstrous towers of what one can only describe as boxes of offices and apartments, so much gone.  Such utter, utter rubbish put up in its place.   Yes, I know we have to move on, the World moves on, but you don’t tear down History you don’t destroy beauty to install crap.

But, thats not there anymore what we all took for granted.  We took, did we give back?  Now we have to Win Her back and we will.  The British people regarded as The Silent Majority – are the SILENT MAJORITY NO MORE.




“W  E    S  H  A  L  L    N  E  V  E  R    S  U  R  R  E  N  D  E  R”







“Thanks to Winston Churchill’s Speeches”    –    Special Thank You to a GREAT GENTLEMAN A GREAT HERO, SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, WISH WE HAD HIM NOW






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